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Bedroom Antics: 5 Reasons Men Should Talk During Sex



*theSUNK Throwback*

This past memorial weekend, my boy and I walked along the Lake to spot attractive women, big booties, and whatever lied in between. Towards the walk back to the car I overheard two women discussing sex; this red-bone with short hair said, “He doesn’t say anything to make me cum.” So the sex was good, but not as good as it could have been. She was engaging in coitus with a man that lacked a sense of imagination, which inspired me to write 5 Reasons Why Men Should Talk During Sex:

1. She Wants to Know That You’re Enjoying It
Women have egos just like men do. She wants to know she has that sweet nectar between her thighs. How does she know you like what she’s offering? If you have sex like you took a vow of silence. “Say it with your chest” (Kevin Hart voice)

2. It Turns Her On
Not only does she want to know that she’s doing her job right, it turns her on pleasing you. She gets more into it when you talk slick. Man if you say the right thing she might even get things wetter than a 90’s super soaker… with the big backpack.

3. Men Don’t Moan Very Much
So you think it’s gay to moan- grow up bruh. Whisper sweet nothings, tell her something she wants to hear. Tell her to “throw it back or call her a “dirty name”, if your queen likes that type of language. Be imaginative, if all else fails listen to my boy Wesley Pipes(p0rnstar known for talking the most sh*t, black as hell, has a gun tatted on his torso) and tone whatever he says down 5 notches.

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He taught us all what to say.

4. It’s Fun When You Say the Right Things
You can be playful when you talk, it doesn’t always have to be super sexy; compliment her, tease her, enjoy her sexually. Make her comfortable, sex is not exactly the time and place to play the Quiet Game.

5. Motivate Your Yourself Bro
If all else fails don’t think about her- talk sh*t to motivate you. So all that crazy sh*t you say to yourself let it out and say it. Be your own motivational speaker in the bedroom- this is your sideline huddle!

Disclaimer: What NOT to DO

1. Don’t talk too low. (the worse thing you can do is inspire a HUH moment in the bedroom because she can’t hear you or you’re scared.)
2. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.
3. Put Some bass in your voice, sound sexy.
4. Stay away from sh*t that could kill the mood. (You should already know what those may be)
5. Don’t say anything, that you’re not doing. 
(You’re sex really should be doing the talking, don’t embarrass yourself by saying things that you aren’t backing up. If you’re talking mad sh*t and she’s getting nothing out of it; be prepared for your iMessages to say read with no reply in sight.)

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Bonus: 10 Top Things the Hallway(me, Creator of theSUNK.com) says while having sex

Well, there you have it. Motivate her fellas, women like excitement. Try it out, and see how she reacts tonight- Friday is upon us.

What’s the craziest thing your partner has ever said/done while you two were in bed? What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said while you were in bed? Are you quiet or loud in the bedroom? What position makes you talk the most sh*t? Put Him/Her on Blast, if they talked this big game, only to choke when you got to the bedroom, we’d love to hear your story.


  1. Absolutely, this can’t be understated. Saying the right things at the right times during sex is akin to breaking the damn. Might even mess around and stumble onto something that you didn’t even know she was into. The risk that we as men run is that we say some corny or disrespectful sh*t and completely turn her off and/or embarrass her. I know my girl had this issue in the past and she told me so when I asked her why she didn’t like to talk to me during sex. I’m breaking her out of that, and the results are plentiful. Just…if you looking for a guide, don’t watch no Wesley Pipes videos. Please.

    1. He did say town it down 5 notches from whatever Wesley Pipes says. LOL! You have to see his bonus top-10 things he says though. Good throwback, because this should always be revisited as a reminder to all. Got me thinking what my own personal top-10 is.

      1. But taking it down 5 notches from Wesley Pipes requires some tact and finesse. If you don’t have much practice in this, too easy to miss the mark lol.

  2. I’m blushing a work!!!! But yeah I like that ****!!! It’s one of my favorites! Sigh!!!!!! Making me miss somebody right now but can’t call him! **********

  3. Man, I really don’t be having anything to say but I’ve learned to say certain things to try to spike the mood. I’m still not comfortable saying anything the first few times I sleep with a woman.

  4. LOL! There’s a fine line in talking and talking too much. I personally enjoy a little talk, and a lot of moaning and natural heavy breathing, in addition to the noises our bodies make together. I don’t want to hear the same question from start to finish, ie “whose is it?”….. uhhh, it’s mine. LOL! I don’t like a lot of questions that I have to think about. I am not shy. I will let you know what I like or don’t like. Please listen! I don’t care what worked for others; their lack of complaint is not my concern. If I ask you to stay in a position, it’s only because it feels sooo good, don’t switch. If I ask you to shut up, you’re ruining it for me.

    The right combination of talk, touch, moan, kiss, and determination to excite well through the end is satisfying for both parties involved. If you’re not ready…don’t participate.

  5. I absolutely adore a good shyt-talker (in bed). It helps to keep the momentum going sometimes, puts some fun into it, and of course lets both parties know if they are doing what’s needed to be done.


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