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You Are Appreciated: A Letter to Black Women


Dear Ladies:

I depend a lot on current events and hot topics to help put together the pieces that I write. A lot of inspiration I have comes from conversations with people. The second source of inspiration is probably from things going on in social media.  At the core of all of this are you all. Black women; you’re the race I have the majority of my romantic life experiences with. You all are the driving force behind why I’ve been writing so much since 2009.

Over the past few weeks inspiration has been hard to come by. By now you  know that there have been a few ugly occurrences within our justice system in the United States. As a young black man in America my mood on most weekdays have been pretty blah. I’ve found it increasingly difficult after each of these non indictment decisions to be productive. It’s been a struggle to stay focused in the office and seeing increased police presence in certain areas. There is so much I see daily now that just reminds me of the recent events. The last few posts that I’ve written have provoked some spirited discussion. I’m proud of them and they wouldn’t have been possible without the qualities black women possess.

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Those posts were written mostly prior to these non indictment decisions. So this week I seemed to be at a loss. I was at a loss until I got a really nice DM on Instagram from a young lady who tagged many other black men as well. Her caption basically stated that she supported us in our daily struggles. She spoke about how she admired what the black man stood for. She basically just gave her time and support to us. She gave  it to a bunch of strangers she didn’t know quite frankly and I loved that. Maybe she just knew it was something we needed to hear at the time. Those sentiments and many others that are posted on the gram or Facebook, or Twitter do not go unnoticed. In a week mired in my own conflict as the current events unfolded, this message brought  me so much calm.

I felt the need to simply give that love back to black women. All the ladies who read my stuff, post my stuff, comment on my stuff I appreciate you. I want it to be clear that all that I write comes from a place of wanting to be constructive. I always want to push conversations forward. Sometimes that may come at the risk of being a bit extra brash. Sometimes it might come at the expense of some women feeling attacked. These things are never what I want  my thoughts to be mistaken for. I love women and I love black women. It’s important to note that we’re all in this thing together. When you all hurt I support you as well.

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This was my inspiration for this week. Hopefully I’ll get back to regularly scheduled programming by next week. But in the meantime in between time just know that you all are appreciated.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

DamnPops is a writer on the staff at SBM: “I’m not a biter, I’m a writer for myself and others. ” Brooklyn born dude trying to figure out this life just like you. Come on this journey with me. Follow me on Twitter @DamnPOPS


  1. Ahhhh shucks. Thank you. You and all of the men here are appreciated for your time, service and commitment. Regardless of the controversial topics, I feel we’re all very much entitled to our very different opinions. Respect!

  2. Paradoxically, attending an all white high school, two major white Universities and ten years of professional sports both here in the US and in Europe surrounded preponderantly by non black women actually embellished my appreciation and love for the sisters.

    Because in their absence those subtitles specific to black women: their spiritually coded words, approving and disapproving looks, encouragement, support, telepathic messages, humor etc.., resonated loudly and clearly delineated why they were medicinal for a brother’s soul.

    When she is on her aesthetic game that was entrusted to her care by nature, she inflames my primal masculine senses, but when she communicates in the same spiritual idiom as Momma and Big Momma did, she inspires me to sublimate and cultivate them. She is a brother’s check and balance designed and bequeathed to me by nature. Stay inspirational!

  3. This post makes sense. Please don’t get me wrong with my next statement: I think that with all the events going on with young Black men in the news, the focus and attention seem to be on black men only. we have to be reminded that there are black women also being affected by these events and several more. We tend to be the backbone of our communities and families during these times. So its nice to know that as we work in the background to uphold you Black men, that we are appreciated as well.


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