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The Bachelor’s Guide to Home Organization



Women love it when a man is on top of his life. There’s nothing sexier than a guy who has it together and pulls off everything he does with a sense of style.

That doesn’t mean you have to keep a white tux in the back of your closet or grow a goatee, but it does mean you need to put a little effort toward organizing your home — particularly if you’ve got a special lady coming to visit your bachelor pad. Dirty laundry all over the floor and drawers that are a cluttered mess are signs that you don’t have your life together.

It’s not just your dating life that can benefit from a little organization, though. Keeping your personal space organized will ease your stress, make you more efficient in your career, and save you time so you can do more of what you enjoy.

Here are six easy ways to get your place under control:

Declutter your bathroom

With a little cleanup, you don’t have to suffer that sense of impending doom when your date asks to use the bathroom.

Invest in a couple of plastic bins to organize your shampoo bottles, deodorant, shaving cream, and hair products so you can keep surfaces clutter-free. Try stowing products you don’t use much in your bathroom drawers or on harder-to-reach shelves. Then, put things you use most often (along with extra toilet paper) in the most convenient cabinets. Only the essentials, like soap, should be left out in the open.

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Do your laundry

When a man is dressed well and smells fresh, a woman remembers him. Yes, you have to do your laundry for this to work. Clothes can still make the man, but not when they’re covering your floor. Get a nice-looking laundry hamper for dirty clothes that can be left in a convenient place, and hang up clean clothes right away so they stay fresh and wrinkle-free.

Clean up your closet

Stuffing things into your closet does not count as organizing your home. Keeping a neat and tidy closet can help you stay organized throughout the week. Donate any clothes you don’t wear to free up space, and if you have an extra closet or dresser, see if you can store bulky winter clothes there. Then, organize your closet by grouping clothes into types. Suits should go at the end, then shirts, pants, and so on. Shoe racks are also great for tidying up those sneakers strewn across the closet floor.

Look after your tools

Women love a guy who can manage basic repairs around the house, but you can’t impress her with your inner handyman if you can’t find your hammer or screwdriver. Keep a well-organized toolbox somewhere handy — like the kitchen or the garage — so you can find your tools and solve the problem quickly.

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Untangle your workspace

Having a sleek office space in your home shows you’re a sophisticated, hard-working man. Just keeping files in a cabinet or box dedicated to important documents and forms can make your life much more organized. And if you’re practically tied to your swivel chair with cords, there are tons of electronics organizers out there to clean up your many chargers.

Smell fresh

Nothing kills the mood for a woman more than walking through the door to an apartment that smells like a locker room. It’s very easy to solve this problem, and you don’t even have to use any kind of fragrance. Just open the windows to air out your rooms once in a while, take out your trash, and throw out any food that looks past its prime.

You don’t have to become an interior designer to keep your home organized and make a great first impression on the lady in your life. Just do a little basic cleaning, and soon she’ll be raving about your clutter-free bathroom and fresh-smelling home to all her friends.

What are your best tips for organizing your bachelor pad to impress the lady in your life?

Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder of HomeZada, a cloud-based home improvement and organizational software tool. HomeZada strives to educate and provide resources for homeowners in all areas of home management, including home improvement projects, maintenance, inventory, property information, and property value. Check out HomeZada’s blog for more helpful tips!



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