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Why Has He Given You the Crazy Chick Title?



Strolling the streets of the Internet and I ran across a short list of reasons that men like to title women… “crazy.” I’ve made a personal challenge and commitment to not use this terminology because I think it’s lazy and men should just articulate themselves better. Nonetheless, these eight  things are actually spot on for why men have a tendency to label their women… “crazy.”

1. Telling A Guy You Like You Like Him A little Too Soon

2. The Demands List

3. The Danger Of Being A Changer

4. The Killer Text

5. The Obsessive Thinking Disease

6. He’s Heard From Other People How Much You’re Into Him

7. You Fall Apart In Front Of Him All The Time

8. When He Pulls Away You Chase

This is their list and you can see the full article with commentary here. What do you think of these eight things? Are they accurate or just another heap of items you can throw into the trash?


  1. This is soooooooo PATHETIC!!!! This is the bullzhit this site has chosen to kick off the New Year with??? Not a positive story about finding the ONE in 2015, nurturing loving black relationships or becoming better men or women for each other. But you find THIS?????

    So sad.

    Thanks for dragging the negativity of 2014 into 2015 without missing a beat! Good luck surviving in 2015, SBM, your recent articles & writing have been marginal at worse and atrocious at best. Really, please, STAY SINGLE!

    My eyeballs are finally DONE with you.

  2. Hilarious! I once ended a relationship because as we progressed, her poor emotional discipline became more and more evident. I am in my bedroom one night two weeks later, when I hear strange noises outside of the window. I didn’t think much of it because I was on the second floor, but after repeatedly hearing the ruffle of the trees, I pull my blinds up and I’m shocked to see this very same sister with two master degrees clinging for dear life to a tree branch! Some Screwy Wabbits out there! lol

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