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The Great Debate: Bush, Trimmed or Shaven?


Most women shave it off and go bare down there. Most men seek out a completely smooth plot of land down there too. Both sexes have gravitated to a bare look, as far as what we deem a woman’s pubic hair should look like. It seems as if the bush is a thing of the past and shaven is the present. However, I am anti-razor, I like hair. Women with hair down below represent the most feminine of women to me, it shows a sign of maturity, and complete comfort with one’s sexuality. I know you can be all of those things and be bald, but this is what a bush signifies to me personally.

For the past few weeks, it seems as if I’m the only guy that doesn’t like bald lady parts. I don’t want it to be slick and bear. Even though a baldie is not a deal breaker, a bush is a turn-on like no other. It just looks so much better with hair. Not just any hair like straggly or ill-advised hairs, but well-groomed and uniform hair. At the same time, I don’t want to pull your panties off and have your bush consume my being, either.

Have you ever seen a bald cat? Yeah I think I’ll pass on that one.
Pam Grier and 1970’s bushes represent the right balance of sultry and sexy, edge and grace. I want the p*ssy I encounter to have that Low Down Loretta Brown appeal.

Bush, Trimmed, or Shaven- is a choice of preference and comfort. But I wonder if most women shave as a matter of comfort and what they actually like or comply to weirdos that want a bald and barren landscape. All I ask is that you let that your bush grow natural for a month or two and see if you get any complaints or compliments from the men or women you encounter. Because I don’t want you to trim or shave that Black Bush of Grandeur. I’m joking but not really…

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Are you bushy, trimmed or shaven? Do you think men prefer hair or shaved? Why do you shave? What do you prefer on other women? Do you like your men to shave or have hair? Sound off in the comments what do you prefer!


  1. I am shaven cause my man likes it but I prefer to keep a little hair down there, closer to a trim not a bush. On a man in general I prefer a little hair not overwhelming, but properly groomed. I like a little hair on a man cause it just seems more masculine (that goes for the chest and facial hair), it’s more of a turn on to me. I like touching a nicely groomed beard or chest, it’s very attractive. I don’t really like clean shaven anywhere.
    From personal experience, I think men that I have met have been 50/50. It was either shaven or trimmed. I only ever met one man who preferred a bush

  2. Dear men, please do not go bald eagle down there. Just keep it trimmed and maintained. That is all I got……..

  3. Uuuummm shaven please….something about the way hair holds on to that ole damp basement smell that I just can’t do. Plus I need to stay prepared for unexpected rounds of the good good!

  4. I’m bald. I let it grow out from time to time but still trim it short. Originally it was more about playing around with different cuts. I messed up one side then cut it all off, and realized I preferred it. However, I don’t like bushy. It’s hot and sweaty… Toilet paper sticks to it…. little pube curls lying around in bathroom…. No thanks!

    I realize some men like hair and some don’t. I would only let it grow if he was worth it, but never a bush. I’ve only met one man who completely shaves down there…. I prefer men well groomed as well. Hair should be trimmed/tamed. Bald is not my preference for men, but to each its own.

  5. I like my women waxed and I’m willing to pay for it if need be. I think the most important thing is that we as men respect whatever women choose to do. And also respect all other men’s opinions on what they like in a woman.

  6. Pam Grier was and still is (for her age) a knock out. Now getting to the hair issue, men as a whole don’t mind some hair after all you’re a woman not a little girl. On the flip side a landing strip is cool, or a patch of hair but I’m sure I can speak for ALL men when I say we don’t want to part hairs if we decide to go eat ‘some food’, or any other issues because of excessive hairs…just sayin’


  7. One of the homies said he preferred the natural look, because it was an expression of womanhood to him. He also said baldies made em feel like a pedophile. lol

    In my experience; no fcuks are given if you’re clean & well groomed down there. Hell, you could even get away with the latter, as long as, you’re fresh. *shrugs* to each their own.

  8. It’s not a debate since this is subjective to the individual.
    Me I prefer for there to be hair in some quantity.
    My girl prefers me shaven. Somehow she gets hair down her throat but it never happens to me.

  9. I prefer a clear landing strip, but its not a requirement. More hair does hold sweat and odor for both sexes. A little hair is cool, but I don’t want to be coughing up hairballs if I decide to eat at the “Y”!


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