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Over 50 Women Confess Their Sex Deal Breakers



A couple weeks ago I read a very telling blog about what women consider deal breakers in the bedroom. Some were telling and others were just simply hilariously. Hopefully the fellas can comment some of their sexual deal breakers in the comment section. Here’s a few of the 50 sex deal breakers:

1. “I don’t like it when they tell me to rub my clit while they fuck me. It’s my clit. I know when it needs more attention. I don’t need your permission to do so, bro. My clit and I go way back, longer than you and I do. I know what she needs.” – Ella, 29

2. “Saying ‘please’ after I’ve already said no makes you seem like a desperate child and I don’t fuck children.” – Kara, 31

3. “Lick in and around my ears.” – Anne, 28

4. “Baby talk.”– Sarah, 30

5. “Lack of passion. If you’re kissing me like you kiss your mom and are being gentle with me as if I’m about to break, it’s not happening.” – Jessica, 26

6. “Someone said I was ‘tight like a little girl’ once. I was absolutely done with that as soon as he said it.” – Abby, 28

7. “A guy not being able to get it hard. I know it happens and usually isn’t anyone’s fault but I can’t help blaming myself in the back of my head. Also, sticking a dry finger up my butt without warning…” – Morgan, 22

8. “Pinch my nipples hard…stahp!”– Hillary, 28

9. “Spitting on my vagina like we’re in a porno right before penetration” – Emily, 25

10. “ANYTHING in reference to being a “little girl”. I had a guy tell me I was bald (down there) “like an 8-year-old girl” once. So, so gross.”– Erica, 28

11. “[One guy stopped in the middle of sex] to answer a phone call and to go get ONLY HIMSELF a glass a water. Who does that?” – Beth, 25

12. “One guy said ‘I’m gonna get you pregnant’… It was our first time. Bye. Get out of me.” – Jen, 26

13. “Apologize for having a small penis. Work with what you got.”– Clare, 24

14. “Biting. Hard to the point where I have bruises all over my body the next day. [Also] debating about whether or not to put on a condom. Shut up and put on the condom.” – Allie, 28

15. “Unnecessary, stupid lip movements when going down. Acting like I somehow owe whatever sex we’re having.”– Ella, 22

16. “[Saying] ‘I don’t use condoms ever’ and ‘Am I your daddy, baby?’”– Steph, 23

17. “Being super rough and thinking they’re doing a great job, [when] actually [they] can’t even find my clit.” – Danielle, 21

18. “Crying.”– Molly, 31

19. “Asking for CONSTANT affirmation. If I love what you’re doing, I’ll tell you….and I will never call you “daddy”.”– Amy, 23

20. “Coming at my clit like they’re mad at me for something.” – Nina, 25

Read the other 44 sex deal breakers here.

Fellas, comment some of your sex deal breakers, so that I can compile a list of 50. Ladies, tell us which ones you agree with or list a new one that wasn’t brought up.

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  1. Cant stand a girl whose lazy in the bedroom. Don’t expect me to do all of the work. Participation needs to be equal.

    1. Lol! Lazy is bad but she probably doesn’t know any better. You must tell lazy people they are lazy, hopefully they learn. Many men who are larger than normal have no skill and tend to be lazy. They think just because they’re above average that within itself is enjoyable enough.

  2. Hmm as for dealbreakers

    bad kissers, apologizing, self depreciating body comments, don’t bite me, dead lays, don’t deep throat if u not bout that life, asking for relationship status mid act…

  3. I like to add to the list of deal breakers:

    When you realize his penis curves to the side or it is not circumcised – Nicky, 28

    1. Nicky, what’s wrong with those options? A curve could be good…you have to relax and enjoy. Uncircumcised peen? As long as it’s clean it should be acceptable. LOL!

      1. I can’t enjoy a curved peen Gray. I rather enjoy anal and some men do not know how to clean their uncircumcised peen in my experience.

        1. Yeah, I know that about the uncircumcised men, that’s why I mentioned it being clean. I did mean regularly and not just before.

  4. This list is hilarious and I have heard every complaint before, either by experience or from an acquaintance. Most recent deal breaker was created from the following brutal experience: Dude came in moving way too fast rubbing me all over. It really seemed like he had more than 2 hands quickly rubbing me everywhere, from forehead to behind…. 1st strike, failing to attend to me properly. Then he started to uncomfortably kiss me rubbing his face into mine so hard I felt bruised by his facial bone, 3rd strike (not knowing how to kiss). The 2nd strike was him not slowing down and stopping when I asked. By this point, nothing was going down. However, he had different plans as he came without me, all in his pants. He was fully dressed in khaki’s, tighty whities (eww), shirt, and sneakers. He alerted me by saying “my pants are wet”. I was standing there with my mouth wide open. Three minutes earlier he’d just entered my home. It was now time for him to leave. Bye! He will NEVER get a do over.

      1. Only afterwards. He is very sweet, but not for me. My male friends said it’s because he liked me for such a long time and the anticipation got the better of him… I am American and he’s not. I always attract foreign men, and he’s just too different.

  5. Placing your body issues to the forefront when about to have sex, like I’m trying to have sex with you if i didn’t find you attractive you wouldn’t be here

    1. Each woman is different. Some might want you to spit on their dryyhhhhness. Some like it rough, enjoy being called a b>! (]!, and enjoy javing you lick their face…

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  7. No Country for Lazy Lovers
    Sloppy Top is dope, but don’t spit on me my baby. This ain’t Ghetto Gaggers
    Get Bukkid Nekkid. No clothes on I ain’t tryna hear about your body issues… if it was a problem we wouldn’t be here.
    I’m not selfish, so don’t you be either
    If I’m more flexible than you then your life is in complete shambles
    If you slap me I might just swing back (natural defensive mechanism)
    And last but not least… BALL STOPPERS (Linda lemme ‘splain…)

    A Ball Stopper is someone in basketball that disrupts the natural flow and tempo of the game, making you not even want to pass them the ball. Like a wing player that dribbles too much or a point guard who can’t run a play without looking to the coach. In the bedroom, spending too much time on any one thing, especially if it’s not pleasurable, just kills the mood. Thinking about the next move too much or asking me about every single thing like a questionnaire might get you sent to the bench.

    And I’m taking notes… I think I’m clear of this list. But these nigs is crazy

  8. This list is hella funny! I would have to say if a man had no clue how to touch me in the right ways or if I had to instruct him there is no point… #15. If you do not know what you’re doing when you’re down there then you do not need to be in my bed, & I do not need to be in yours… I can’t even entertain you in any of these cases.


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