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5 PDA Moments You Should’ve Had with Your Valentine This Past VDay


I don’t always talk about myself personally on SBM, most of the time I keep the topics objective. Well, today is about me. I am a very sexual person, most of us are. I am becoming more romantic the older I get. I also do not have a problem with PDA, but my PDA is a bit more aggressive than most men. When I was younger, I was little bit more rough around the edges. I grew up in Chicago, in the heart of Englewood. However, I have always been smooth. If you want to turn your woman on and get her ready before you all even make it home you should definitely read this. Please do not attempt these acts if you are not a risk taker, always care about others opinions of you and yours, and don’t have for a lack of a better word, SWAG.

The Ass Grab:

This is probably my favorite, since I usually date women that have big butts they get a lot of attention from men and women. It’s nothing like playfully but firmly grabbing your bae’s ass amongst all the chaos in the world. You could be at a bar, holding the door open for her to a restaurant, or even in a quiet corner of your favorite art museum. Grab and squeeze her ass and watch the juices of desire swell up in her, just to be released as soon as you guys get home. She’ll say, “When grabbed my ass today- I wanted to f*#k right there.”

The Sensual Choke:

While kissing sometimes I like to do a slight throat grab, look her deep into her eyes, and bring her face closer to mine for a kiss. You should see the slight giggle, pause, lip bite, than passionate kiss that ensues afterwards.

Hair Pull:

Pull her hair, tilt her head, and give your boo a quick “hater mark”(hickie) before she leaves your side.

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Lip Bite:

The lip bite is my favorite goodbye. We have a fairly long and juicy kiss, then I send her away with a sensuous lip bite. Women tend to love my lips, so I’ve mastered the art of kissing. If you(men) don’t know- a kiss can either excite her immensely or put you out of contention. If you can’t kiss I advise you to practice. There are a lot of grown men out here that women say can’t kiss. It’s fun to play around doing everything you can do before you have sex.

Hold Her Hand and Palm Her Ass at the Same Damn Time:

This is when you grab her hand while walking side by side, and you place her hand behind her back with your other 2 to 3 fingers placed at the waist of her pants. She gets to hold your hand and you get to feel her butt tighten & release every time she takes a step.

Do you like PDA? What about it excites you? how long do you have to date someone before they can engage in PDA with you? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or alienated when couples do PDA around you? What do you like to do in public? How do you feel about my PDA techniques? 


  1. I have no problems with PDA’s as long as its tactful and enjoyable by both parties. I rarely speak about the enjoyment felt by having my behind touched. It alone catches too much attention, therefore I’d prefer a more subtle touch, graze, or pat over the full hand grip out in public. I actually enjoy seeing loving moments between couples just not licking/sucking each others faces off and grinding up on one another.

    Never been choked for a kiss. I like hair pulls but do not like hickies. However, I love to have my neck kissed and sucked. Love lip bites and I love to suck full lips usually the bottom one. I like to touch my man when, I’m being a little flirty with him but I’m more subtle. I will admit that if you know your partners likes & dislikes its simple to appease them. Almost anything done sensually enough should work. Truth is (TheSunk) you’d probably scare me (a little bit). Uncertainty of where aggression is coming from would bring about fear.


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