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Enough Already: If You Can’t Afford To Date Then Just Don’t Date


If You Can’t Afford To Date Then Don’t
Y’all really intending on this never ending debate about $200 dates and plane tickets, aren’t you?

That’s my reaction each time I see the Twitter timeline begin a discussion about if there is actually a preferred or correct range that one should spend on a date. I must say it is very difficult to have a discussion on Twitter. Truthfully, anything that happens on Twitter is just ranting and soapboxing. Sprinkle in a few minions who RT everything you say and that’s all it is, it’s a far cry from a discussion.

The conversation has always annoyed me. On almost every level I cannot understand why we’re having this conversation. I know why though. I’ll start by saying that I take pride in being a great dater. It’s something that requires effort and attention to detail. On the contrary, if you hear about anything over and over again it’s about the horrible dates that singles are encountering. People aren’t even figuring out if they like someone because the date is bad. It’s not just men who are responsible, it’s women too.

With that said, when my male friends reach out for advice on date suggestions or tips, I usually can tell whether I’m going to give them some advice on how they ask.

“Yo Jay, what’s a nice spot to take a chick that isn’t going to hurt my pockets?”

That guy… shouldn’t be dating.

“Yo Jay, what’s a gift I can get for a chick that doesn’t cost a lot of money? Like I’m not trying to spend a whole lot of money at all.”

That guy… shouldn’t be dating. There’s no crying in baseball and there are no discounts on dating.

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The fact is dating is expensive. It’s supposed to be that way. You’re going to spend time, effort and money; in that order. If you’re good at dating, you’re going to spend a lot of those three things. If you’re worried about how much money you have to spend, you’re really cheap or plain old broke. Money is the cheapest factor.

If you want to date in a major city, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Don’t let money control your decisions on the date. If you can’t afford to date then don’t. The way to be a gentleman is to figure out what she wants out of a date and do that. Don’t worry about the cost. Again, if you’re worried about the cost, you shouldn’t be dating. They say, “if you don’t get it, you don’t get it” for a reason.

When an article was published that stated the average man in DC spends $177 on a date, I thought to myself, “Sounds about right.” I did some quick math with a friend of mine.

Dinner for 2 at Oya followed by some fun activities in Chinatown DC:

Pre-dinner drinks: $10 x 2 = $20
Appetizers, entrees an dessert: $50 x 2 = $100
Drinks during dinner: $20 x 2 = $40
Fun and games at Penn Social (a bar with arcade games): $60
UberX the two of you home: $30
Total Cost: $250

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that a man really doesn’t have to do all that on a first date. And you’re right, you don’t. The problem is, I will. It’s not just about me; it’s that other men will do that too. They will put their all into a date to make a woman feel special. Men are competitively raising the bar every day to separate themselves from the pack.

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While I don’t doubt that there are women who don’t want this type of date but I bet you there are some that do. I always say, “I can tell a lot about the women you date by the way you treat them.”

It’s important to note, not every date should cost this much. It’s important to note, it might and if you can’t afford to sustain it, then don’t start it. Over the course of the courtship, she may offer to chip in or pay for something but don’t expect it.

Let’s be honest here, do you really want to start out your courtship at Applebee’s? Is that what you want the first impression to be? #cmonson. If you shortcut the first date, you’ll shortcut the relationship so if you can’t afford to date then don’t. It is important that you cross all the pitfalls of first time dating. If you hustle your way to the second date, you’ll hustle your way through the relationship. Don’t feel like the person you’re dating deserves the best like in the courtship phase, then you won’t feel like they deserve the best when you’re with them. I’m not asking you to simp. I’m not asking you to enable gold diggers. What I’m attempting to say comes down to one simple concept; either go hard or go home.

“The way a man spends his money is a reflection of his sincerity and character,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of WhatsYourPrice.com.

Dr. J


  1. Let’s be honest here, do you really want to start out your courtship at Applebee’s? Is that what you want the first impression to be?

    i thought dating..and courtship, were supposed to be opportunities to get to know another woman, better, in an atmosphere that allows me to be sort of… ‘myself’. in a sense, allowing her into my world (since *I* asked her to a date).

    my world doesn’t consistently consist of $250 outings. at the same time, my world doesn’t consist of me taking someone to mcdonald’s. (lets get the extremes out the way, lol). i think making that first impression is key, but i think it’s important to make it on your own terms; without being a creep; and without setting unreasonable expectations. and understanding that go hard doesn’t mean spending money to impress…it’s to create an experience that gives her a glimpse into your personality and your vibe to see if y’all are compatible. but i could be wrong. you could be right in a sense. If your lifestyle is like that, go for it i guess. and if you’re broke, low on funds, under…50K a year…probably best to not date in the BOS-DC Megalopolis (that’s how this article comes across to me). save your money and work on self.

    1. I totally agree. Unless you’re making pretty good money why put yourself in this situation not even knowing if she’s into you or if anything will come of it going forward. Some women will go on a date just to get a free meal at some nice place to eat. Guys don’t do it unless you’re really trying to woo the lady. But on a basic first date etc don’t over do it…

  2. GEEZUS. This is HORRIBLE advice.

    This article furthers the misconception some men have thinking they need to buy things for women they just met in order to initiate conversation or maintain their attention. It’s nothing but trick mentality

    By spending $100+ on a first date it’s like you’re telling the woman her value is greater than yours and you have to buy her things to earn her approval.

    You’ve just met this woman, what has she done to earn a $100 dinner? You don’t know her from a can of paint so why are you reaching for your wallet to spend that type of money on her when you barely know anything about her?

    It’s better to keep your money in your pocket until you have determined she’s into you, invested in you, and worthy of your company

    Bottom Line: I’ve seen it first hand. If a quality woman is feeling you and your conversation, you don’t need to spend a dime on them during a date.

    1. Just stop it please. So two super professionals in a high tax bracket…, actually let’s lower it a bit. Two people who pull in *70,000-80,000* give or take a year AFTER taxes. With NO kids, savings, and living within their means, should not spend over $20.00 on dates? $30.00? $50.00?

      Please elaborate on this. Cause I didn’t work my azz off to go to no darn Denny’s with these Honor’s letters my “Nihas.”

      1. People can spend whatever they want. I’m just not down with this simpish article basically shaming men into opening up their wallet to try to gain approval from women they’ve just met.

        The focus of the article and the $250 figure was about “first” dates. Isn’t the whole point of the “first” date about getting to know each other? Since when did it take anything more than cool atmosphere and conversation to do that? There’s no money needed to do that.

        If the first or second dates go well and I feel she is truly into me as I am into her, then by all means let’s go out and splurge.

        Also if your only idea of a low cost date is Dennys I feel sorry for you. You really need to expand your horizons. Especially in the DMV, and now that spring is on the way too? that shit is SO easy. walk on any of the nearby waterfronts, ice skating, jazz in the garden, walk around the monument, biking the mt. vernon trail, the list is endless.

      2. “Two people who pull in *70,000-80,000* give or take a year AFTER taxes. With NO kids, savings, and living within their means, should not spend over $20.00 on dates? $30.00? $50.00?”

        Well, wait a second. You’re saying TWO people. So, are you saying that both men AND women should be spending a lot on dates?

  3. A friend of mine’s father says that “it costs to care” basically meaning how we use our funds says a lot about how we feel about or prioritize someone. People just have to make it simple on themselves. Dates will cost simply because most of us like to drink and drinking can be pricey. Know this embrace this and spend money on someone you really have an interest in. When that genuine interest is there you really aren’t thinking about the pockets as heavy. More guys have to take pride in providing a woman with the “experience.” We have to set the bar so that if there’s a next…we’re hard to follow. Good stuff my guy.

    1. But should men only date women that they are seriously interested in? Or can the guy meet a girl at a house party and then just ask her out for a simple date, just to see if they click. Dates can be in different forms. I’ve gone on semi-blind dates where both parties barely knew each other but just wanted to see if a spark could go off. We kept things simple in those situations. It’s a case by case basis.

      If you’re prone to date women you’ve known for a while and the attraction has been developed, then please go all out. But if it’s more of a random situation with a stranger, why go that extra with it, when it really has no basis, other than the fact you think she’s cute. In actuality, I think many women would feel weird if a man they just met pulled out the red carpet on the first date, if there wasn’t a big build up to it.

  4. Spending a student loan payment on dinner and drinks doesn’t make me (as a woman) feel special. Anyone can do that. Showing creativity when planning a date and getting to know a person means more to me.

  5. I’m sorry but I can’t get jiggy with this shit. One of the best dates I’ve ever had was around $30. We went to the Detroit Institute of the Arts(It’s free for city and county residents) and had lunch there. The killer was when I was suggesting date ideas, she said “You know I like to do free stuff too right?”. Golden.

  6. Basically, a first date is merely an opportunity to see if this is somebody you would like to have a 2nd date with. That really has nothing to do with how much YOU spend on her. She on the other hand may determine how she feels about you based on what you spent or where you took her….then again, some other woman may not…it just depends. But typically, nobody need go broke or go big on a first date. You want to see how you click with her, not how impressed [or not] she is on what you spent…..unless you’re trying to dat Sheree Whitfield from Real Housewives of Atlanta. LOL

  7. As someone who has lived in the DC area for 10 years and done my share of dating, i completely understand this article. In this area its EASY to go to dinner (non chain restaurant) and spend this amount without trying hard. I go to dinner with friends and spend $40-70 on myself on any given weekend. With that being said I know that dating can be expensive for men especially if they are dating multiple women. So it probably best to limit your dates if you really cant afford the type of date in this article. Good thing: DC is also an area where you can do a lot of cheap/free dating activities if you want to keep cost low. The issues begin when you come across men who want to go dutch on the first date(s) or “just want to kick it”. That a major turn off. (Im pretty traditional in my dating views). Overall I think most women generally just want a date that has good conversation and a cute “date” atmosphere….whether its a picnic/museum(cheaper) or dinner and drinks ($150). With that being said what people generally spend their time, effort, and money on is usually what they care the most about.

  8. There’s two type of dates. A “Get To Know You” date and a “Romantic” date. If I’m getting to know you, there’s no motivation for me to spend a lot of money, I just want to kick conversation and see where her head is at. A romantic date is where you really want to impress a woman because you are really feeling her. I keep dates inexpensive with women I barely know but would go all out for a woman I’ve known for a while.

  9. I disagree Dr. J. I agree with you that there are cheap dudes out there that would take a girl to Waffle House on the first date if it was up to them,

    but I’m not cheap just because I want to think about affordability. Even if I COULD spend $250 on the first date, doesn’t mean I SHOULD. Let’s be real, the first date is just that, the first date. You don’t know homegirl that well just like she don’t know you and imagine you both have a good time but “there’s no spark”, you lost all around. Only thing the woman lost was time, she didn’t have to fork over money. Plus some women (and these are few and far between) are just looking for a free meal. And I ain’t wit dat sh!t lieutenant

    Even if I could walk into Best Buy and had the money to buy the biggest flat screen TV, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea if I am looking for the good medium of affordable and suits my desires

  10. Ultimately, people will do what works for them. However, I ponder the question. How is it that we continue to try adhering to old rules while playing a revised edition game. I’m all for showing a lady a good time, but we have to be sensible. Ladies can’t expect to enjoy the benefits of progressive society, and also expect for men to adhere to the old paradigm when it comes to dating. We live in the days of ladies ‘dragging’ dudes and etc. so excuse me if I’m a bit reluctant to invest in something that isn’t a sure thing. Say what you will.

  11. This is a stupid article. A lot of these fukcer’s think they are intellectuals. The bile I’m reading in this articles are mind boggling.

  12. I agree, but it’s all relative depending on where you live, what you can afford, what you’re comfortable spending, and your love language. I primarily give and recognize love through time and affection, so unless you take me to do some hard labor I’ll like almost any date you put effort into (if I like you to begin with). I think we can all agree that if you have a strict $15 per person limit, or you can’t go anywhere without a Groupon, you’re broke or stingy and should just stay home.

  13. I took a girl out to Applebee’s on the first date and she ended up being my girl. And i was making around 55k in a small city, so I was far from broke. The date wasn’t about the dinner it was about the conversation and enjoying each other’s company.

    1. That’s what it should be about, not the damn numbers. Especially when nothing is set in stone. Expectations and Entitlement the killers of many interpersonal relationships.

  14. THIS is everything! LOL! This is part of my Match.com profile (before I met my current beau):

    “Finally, while I appreciate the spirit of “getting to know each other” – I don’t do coffee dates. I know that this means:

    a) Less men will be interested in asking me out. That’s OK, I don’t date to score chai lattes.
    b) “I think you look good online, but I want to double check you out in person before I spend any money on you”.

    Sure, it’s casual and allows for minimal effort. Casual is “cute” when you’re in your twenties but a mature gentleman should be making grownup dates. Coffee dates are boring and unimaginative. They lead to “interview style” dates which almost always involve firing off interview questions. I’ve gone on some pretty awesome, well planned dates and when you throw out “Starbucks”, I will politely decline.

    If you’re still reading and are OK with the above then let’s get in touch. I just think we all appreciate honesty at the end of the day. Otherwise, I respectfully wish you the best in your search. ”

    The best date I’ve had was very similar to what you gave as an example, except different venues and we Ubered between DC and VA. And guess what? We’re still together now. He puts a a lot of effort and thought into our dates which is one of the reasons I enjoy him.

    If the guy really just wants to speed date and keep it at Chillis or Applebees to keep costs down then I’m not the woman for him. On the other hand, if we’ve spent some time getting to know each other and decide to take it further (dates, outings etc) then he should be prepared. Still, I can get with the low cost (read: not cheap) dates which might include a creative movie night, stroll in the part etc. Im with it. But Im not with being cheap because well you’re cheap and don’t think I’m worth it. Bottom line: for me, you should be creative.

    So many men are being “raised” by social media/mass media and its reduction of women as pawns in the dating game. When really, if they spent some time being honest with themselves about who they are and what they want, this could be avoided altogether. The women who want cheap Starbucks dates come a dime a dozen. The women who want a man who is genuinely interested in getting to know them while treating her like a lady, he needs to go big or go home.

    1. I think it’s a matter of whether you go on dates with people you like, or you go on dates to figure out if you like them. If I’m feeling you then I want to impress you. If I’m trying to find out whether I feeling you, then I don’t feel the need to impress you outside of presenting my normal self. It’s just different philosophies, one isn’t right or wrong. I’ve seen both work with tremendous results.

      1. Thats the thing, I only take the time to go out with a guy who I know is working to impress me. Otherwise it isn’t worth it for me. That’s why I take the time to get to know someone before going out on a date. I have a lot going on so I don’t have time to speed date or go on random dates …just because…. has to be worth it meaning I like the guy and he likes me and has shown that he is interested in putting his best foot forward.

  15. I don’t know if my dating style is odd or whatever, but I typically talk to a person a few times before our (possible) 1st date. I go (don’t go) on the date knowing what we’re both worth and that there will be a second date. My only issue most times is a date who’s willing to pick me up. Living in the DC area, I’ve met all my dates. As much as I try to meet men close to my home in Northern Virginia it’s practically a wash.

    1. I do this as well. I will talk to a guy for a few weeks to determine if it’s a good fit before going out with him. But I don’t want him picking me up at my home until we’re exclusive. I believe in chivalry and all but in this age of crazies, before coming to my home you need to be vetted. So I have no problem meeting them.

  16. Men conditioned to spend money that they could have used towards developing a hustle into viable business, on financing the entertainment of predatory women, WILL go broke and STAY broke…

    All this does is keep him tied to a job where the money doesn’t properly compensate for the amount of bullshit he has to go through, so he’s encouraged to trick it off in order to relieve the stress, on a woman whose interest in him is limited to the money he can waste on entertaining her, all while she reciprocates nothing of value.

    I wouldn’t be surprised as she calls the man she’s actually having sex with afterwards, telling him about how bored she was and that at least the free meal she got made up for it, while she’s letting him know what time she’ll be arriving at his place so he can blow her back out….

    If the money was spent in developing the business, in time, there would be a consistent pattern of responsible spending, with the business being able to throw off enough money so that if this man wants to entertain himself and invite female company with him, he can concentrate on the interaction between him and this woman, without recklessly damaging his finances…

    1. Jelani, All of this! And you never get to see the true character of the lady that you are “dating.” God forbid you aren’t able to IMPRESS her, you will give yourself high blood pressure working a job that you hate.

  17. Dr J acknowledges that some will agree and others won’t but this is his style. I can understand disagreeing, but we’re all entitled to our opinions and styles of dating. Apparently what he explains about the costs of dining out in DC is accurate, and for those who live in W Little Town USA you may not have the same options or expenses, so the costs won’t compare.
    I’m more simplistic and a bit stubborn. I don’t mind the chains, but a guy who “sincerely” puts a bit more thought into a date gets brownie points with me. Truthfully when a guy spends what I consider to be too much on a date I feel he has ulterior motives.
    The majority of men I encounter are much like the majority of men who commented. They see the outer appearance, and decide if they want to sex her or not…a relationship or really getting to know her is the farthest from their thoughts. I meet many men who like going out and hooking up, but they know upfront she isn’t nor will ever be their type or he knows he isn’t ready for a committed relationship. This is why they want to keep it cheap.

    1. Any man who approaches you is doing so first and foremost out of sexual interest regardless if he’s looking for a quick lay or a wife. We can’t really look at you and say “yea she looks like she has a great personality or she looks like she’d be a great wife”.

      Also thinking that the only reason a man is keeping a first date low cost is because he doesn’t want commitment or just wants to hookup, is the wrong train of thought to have. Many men do it because it’s just being smart with money.

      Going by Dr. J’s simp tactics, if you as a man in DC go out on at least two first dates a week spending an average of $250 on each one, that’s damn near $2000 a month on first dates where you don’t even know if you’re really feeling the chick or not and vice versa. Even as a 6-figga jigga that’s an extreme waste of money.

      After a few dates it should be fairly easy to know whether you’re really feeling the lady and if she feels the same. If it’s mutual you’d be hard pressed to find any guy not willing to open up the wallet more at that point.

      There’s a difference between being cheap and being smart with your money.

      1. “Any man who approaches you is doing so first and foremost out of sexual interest regardless if he’s looking for a quick lay or a wife.” Don’t I know it. I prefer a tactful approach. I know this way of spending isn’t for everyone. My thought progression is most definitely based on the men I know past and present. Folks tell me I’m easy to talk to, so they talk….

      2. People we have a winner here..It doesn’t make good sense to be spending crazy on first dates with someone you barely know. How about women start chipping on on first dates if that’s the case I bet they would decline. So why is it okay for a man to constantly spend his hard earned money on someone he barely knows? Bet yet she wouldn’t do it o she prefers for you to spend your money Ha-ha. Some chicks may not even be feeling you from the start but will go out with you just to get a free meal etc.(trust me). So may go on a date looking crazy etc. in the appearance category but yet want to be treated like queens. That’s understandable , but if a guy spends top dollar on a first date the lady needs to at least woo the guy when she show up. Nice clothes, nice hair, shoes etc. Why expect a man to spend top dollar on a first date but you go on the date looking like Wanda from in living color. Guy’s feel her out first, make sure she meets your standards and has a head on her shoulders and womanly like traits you look for. Other than that don’t waste your time spending on someone on a first date unless your sure she’s the one you really want to pursue and she would do the same for you going forward. Some women think you should do this just because they are a women. Sorry this is 2018 and men don’t want to be spending money on women just because. Especially if you’re a hard working man trying to make ends meet just like she ‘s trying to. Why you see nowadays people with money dating other people with money. Maybe this is not knew but you see the celebs dating women that has something going on for themselves and has it going on. Nothing is free in this world anymore and spending crazy on women for a first date with no gurantee’s of anything doesn’t make good logic unless you have money to just constantly throw away. Again, I bet she wouldn’t do it. this is why they would prefer the man do it and would care less what financial situation he may be in. Sorry but this is just how some women think and was conditioned to think from the glamorous life she see’s , watches and wants for herself.

  18. So According to the author women are all angry golddiggers? If some medical student getting by on student loans wants to take her out to Applebee’s because he is broke and she won’t have it, then she doesn’t deserve to date him a few years later when he is a doctor making a lot of money. Be creative, be fun, if you have it, spend it, but if you don’t, then don’t date a real housewife wannabe.

  19. It’s all about your tax bracket. If you and your date are both single professionals with minimal debt and hard earned savings what’s wrong with spending high on a date? Not everyone is a lawyer, doctor, or other high earner, but no need to hate on the ones in that realm. The man is probably serious. Of course you have to observe other factors as well, not just the pocket book. But a man who is willing to shell for a date speaks volumes. He’s also less likely to be spending that type of money on multiple women O_o

    Millennial men act so darn entitled these days: To sex, they think they can date multiple women w/no questions asked, a BE CHEAP, play games,play casual, expect women to have ZERO standards. If that’s what you’re on fine. But don’t hate on the man who CAN afford and is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

    Most people have an idea of what their date can afford anyway simply by asking their profession, or where they are in life. You know if your date can work out an Olive Garden or a Grand de Lux award winning bistro. Get creative or get over it.

  20. “The way a man spends his money is a reflection of his sincerity and
    character,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of WhatsYourPrice.com.”

    Did this dude just quote the founder of Seeking Arrangement?? Looks like he’s advocating tricking.

    1. I didn’t even catch that. So the author is quoting a guy who started an escort service business to prove his point now? That explains a lot. The tricking is real out here lol

  21. First of all, my dating activities have always been underpinned by the philosophy that a date should be something that stimulates and engages both of us, not just her. And though chivalrous generosity is a part of my masculine definition, my romantic value should not be singularly based on or determined by the amount of money that I am willing to spend on a date, but rather by the imaginative effort that I put into it.

    Spending $300 dollars or more in a five star restaurant says nothing about my level of inspiration and excitement about my date, since I myself have to eat and when dining out, I prefer great food and service; so while it makes for a nice date, it’s somewhat perfunctory in nature and can leave a lot of otherwise sensuous experiences unexplored.

    When I am inspired by her and our prospects my creative energies kick in, at which point money becomes a subplot. Of course, each woman is distinct in composition, so each date is unique in configuration. I have taken first dates to ethnic book store and buying ourselves several hundred dollars of the works of none mainstream authors with lunch afterwards in a trattoria with good food. Hiking on a Saturday morning in warm California sun with frozen juice, water and fruit to enjoy upon reaching the summit. I’ve put together gourmet picnic baskets for her lunch hour in the park. Planned dinner in a private gondola in the harbor and then a play in small theater afterwards.

    Each woman inspires different ideas. The amount of money spent is not integral to the energy; it’s the quality of the time and experience that will engages our five senses that will enable us to blocks out the background cacophony and other considerations allowing us to progress along the ” getting to know each other ” continuum that matters.

    1. Inspiration can prove to be a beautiful thing. If I find myself immersed in great company, I won’t want the date to end. Ultimately it has to, but I would anxiously anticipate seeing him again. I am as giving as I receive, and would have no qualms allowing my muse to inspire me as well.

      Cogito, you’re a “Bad Man”! 🙂 Your words are beautiful, and I want you to know your sincerity was felt. Everyone wants to feel special, and if nothing else you seem to succeed at that. I hope you receive it in return. whew….Awesome!

      1. Yeah, i feel you! Feminine inspiration can be a powerful force for the masculine soul. Having a waitress tap you on the shoulders because you two have lost yourselves in easy stimulating conversation while speaking the same spiritual language with all of the nuanced idioms that requires no translation ( Though I am originally from Alabama and shorty is from California, we both discover that we both have an Uncle June Bug….lol).

        Tuning in to her vibrational frequency as she speaks in that melodious feminine tenor that makes a brother thank his Pops for hooking me him with that ” Y ” chromosome. Greedily titillating the senses in a protracted metaphorical sexual foreplay. Any thought or consideration of money would only sully such a beautiful moment.

  22. Thanks for all the comments. What I can say is that I don’t think that every time you take a girl on a date you need to spend $200+. I think the point was that you shouldn’t consider the money and consider the effort. I think that those of you who understood that the focal point of the date is not money are correct. I’m not saying that a date that costs $0 is wrong. I’m saying if you’re going to be cheap, don’t date. Don’t try and date on coupons. Be yourself. And yes, there are plenty of women who will appreciate that you aren’t trying to buy their admiration. I admire them and appreciate them. However, when men complain about dates and start arguments about how much they will or won’t spend on a woman they’re missing the point. It’s not about money, it’s about courting.

  23. I personally don’t have a problem dating and seeing what’s out there, but understand this and I think I can speak for most men here….we are not going to take you (women) out to an expensive dinner and pay 200.00+ just for you to say “I had a good time but he’s not my type”. No bueno. Also some men just get tired of dating because at least if you have that ONE woman you know your money and time are being appreciated, and there’s a difference between spending money and wasting money.

  24. Wow. I make a good salary and this info is BS. I would never pay a bunch of money to date. I am not buying and spending for someone to like me or be with me. If that is what you start ofc with than that is the way it will be. You set precedence from the beginning. Don’t go broke dating someone. Have some pride and self respect. Its ok to spend some money but it’s not ok to be taken advantage of and be a chump. If you let someone use you or they know you will spend money than of course they will date you. I date a lot and I leave the consistently expensive ones alone. I don’t need to buy someone to be liked.

  25. The author here is compensating. Maybe if you cannot keep a women happy by providing her your attention, listening, and general physical intimacy, this kind of date is required. But, for those of us with game, a standard first date is all is needed. After four dates, take her where she wants to go, you know she is worth it by then. ; )

  26. This authour is a straight man basher ..your crazy women the hell with you.Date a foreigner they have better morals ..then american women


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