rock n jock

There’s quite a bit going on in sports.

The NFL offseason’s free agency has begun with a flurry of franchise taggings.

The NBA’s MVP and postseason race has begun.

And the MLB’s spring training has kicked off where it’s warm (jealous).

But we have plenty of time to tackle that stuff.

History was made in the NBA last Friday, and we need to discuss it. Look at this shit:

If you’re unfamiliar, this is Alexy Shved of the New York Knicks launching a basketball into orbit against the Detroit Pistons. The Knicks actually won this game, but of course that doesn’t matter.

Here are the top 10 reasons this is the greatest NBA highlight of all time…

  1. It’s a player on the Knicks definitively proving that the Knicks are a joke.
  2. It’s the worst pass of all time.
  3. Unless it’s a shot…in that case it’s the worst shot of all time.
  5. The ball actually left the screen on this pass. The cameraman had the entire half court in the frame and still had to move the camera up, just in case the ball actually went into space.
  6. The silence of the commentator. A man paid to speak cannot put into words what he has just seen.
  7. The caption. “Kobe!” is what I yell when anyone I’m playing ball with takes a horrible shot. This is the Vine I’ll show until I die when asked why I do that.
  8. Shved’s hopeful look up at the ball as it leaves his hand. Did he think he was going to score a Rock n Jock 50-pointer?
  9. The ref waiting until the ball (finally) landed to blow the whistle. As if anyone on Earth could have saved that pass.
  10. Finally, the deadpan reaction of every player on the court. Did they expect this somehow? Did it take them a while to process the majesty of the moment?
  11. A bonus…the Pistons actually lost this game. I like to think they let their guard down after realizing they were playing against…that.
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There you have it. The greatest NBA play caught on film. This week’s question is simple…can you top this?