Girls do love extraordinary steps and non-traditional approaches to dating. If you know how to perform them and organize a perfect date, you will become a hero in her eyes and will be given as many points, as possible. But how to start? The point is to look at your girlfriend’s inner movements, hobbies and sympathies. For example, if your girl can’t live without her iPhone and iOS apps, there exist a special way to please her and create such a perfect date, that she will keep it in heart eternally.

Create Music Background

First of all, create a suitable music background. Take care about it in advance: download an iPhone app which allows you playing hundreds of musical tracks for any case. For example, Free MP3 Box is a good choice, as it does not litter iPhone space, but streams music online. Here you can type her favorite songs’ titles or preferable artists’ names and get their compositions right on the spot.

And even if you don’t know precisely what her musical preferences are, it is no big deal. Here the use of hashtags, the new music solution of Freemake is available. This means that you can enter #love and get the most romantic songs ever into your headphones. This will act as a suitable soundtrack for your date. And, by the way, let’s speak about headphones. Have you heard how romantic it is when you use one pair for two?

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Go for a Romantic Walk

Go exploring the quays and watch beautiful sunsets.

Or get down to walking along ancient and modern streets, searching for unknown corners. Or just choose a place with the most picturesque view and settle down here. Don’t forget that your girl is addicted to using iPhone and thus, she must be mad about making selfies.

So, make selfies with her and then care about their post-production.

For making the selfie-shots brighter and more colorful, use VSCO Cam app. It has both tuning features and at the same time it allows you applying suitable filters and measuring their amount on every photo.

Get a Tramway

What could be more romantic than a tramway ride? Get on one and enjoy watching the lights changing at cross-roads. Actually, in this concept listening to music using one pair of headphones fits perfectly.

Check if she has account in Instagram (and if she is a true iPhone user, she certainly has) and post pictures from your walk there. It can be breathtaking city views or staged object shots, accompanied by thoughtful phrases. Just believe: Instagram girls do appreciate such romantic gestures, even if they reject this idea.

Have a Dinner

And if you plan to finish the evening with a romantic dinner in a restaurant or cafe, care about the atmosphere. But don’t look at stereotypes about expensive dishes and dull candle light. Vice versa, you’d better notice your girl’s preferences and favorites and choose the place she likes. If she adores pizza, go and eat pizza. And if she is a coffee soul, nothing will be better than a cup of cappuccino.

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Well, and don’t forget that she is highly iPhone addicted. Then she must take care about her Swarm account. So, if you have any as well, check in everywhere you are and use the function of pair-checkins. This means that you identify who you are with. Even if you are a brutal man, learn that girls are so attentive to such tiny details.

Count Steps

Wherever you go or how you decide to finish your romantic date, there is one trick for you. Download Run Keeper and switch it on at the very beginning. And to midnight you will be able to precise the real number of steps you have made together. You can turn on Facebook cross-posting or turn it off, if it is unnecessary. No matter. But isn’t it romantic to know the actual number of steps with your sweetheart? Your iPhone-addicted girl will appreciate it. Proved.


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