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Yeah Yeah, Duke Won…But I’m Still Getting These Jokes Off! Hater’s Post!



Ok, look…that was a great game.

However, I can’t let this moment go without spreading more hate for Duke.

Seriously, f*ck Duke. Here’s why:

All the Black dudes on Duke’s team have the same haircut.

And that’s super corny. Like one of them learned how to cut hair and they all just go to him because it’s free.

Coach K.



Should be enough said, but if you need more…

He kinda looks like a rat.

He also kinda looks like Hitler.

He lost in the first round to Mercer.

Somehow when he recruits one-and-done players, it’s adapting, but when John Calipari does it, it’s shady.



Grayson Allen. The next Great White Hype.

Allen played just well enough to join a prestigious list:

White Duke Superstars That are Super Polarizing –

JJ Redick

Christian Laettner

Greg Paulus


Jon Scheyer(‘s face)

Bobby Hurley

JJ Redick Again

Austin Rivers (eh, close enough)

Congrats, Grayson. You are in rare company.

Tyus Jones.

Truly awful. Quietly one of the most hate-able players on the team.

Somehow Duke represents White Privilege.

This one is hard to put my finger on, but if you hate Duke…you know what I mean.

They touched on this in the Fab Five documentary and I Hate Christian Laettner. For whatever reason, Duke University has the feeling of “people who didn’t get into Princeton, but act like they go to Princeton.”

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You know how Carlton went to ULA instead of an Ivy League school on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

ULA could’ve been Duke.

You know what I mean?

Anyway, I feel better now.

What about you? Why do YOU hate Duke? Come join the Player Hater’s Ball in the comments below!


  1. I found myself so conflicted last night like “gotta root for the young brothers, but it’s Duke…what is life right now?”…the only 2 Duke players that’ll forever side-step the hatred though are Kyrie and Grant Hill.

    Idk if I’d label it white privilege as much as Duke fans that makes it easy to root against them

    1. I wasn’t sure exactly how to term it. That’s just how it felt in the moments after the win. Duke fans definitely make it easy to root against them, and I *think* that’s why.

      Grant Hill is forever the homie. First, he was one of the best Pistons of all time (my favorite team) and…well…Tamia.

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