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Why Are The Women At Fight Night?



I may have been 13 or 14 when I saw Girlfight. Something about that movie always made me attracted to Michelle Rodriguez. I kind of still am. It was something fascinating about a woman wanting to be in a boxing ring. It’s a sport that seemingly has nothing feminine about it. It’s a sport that is rooted in an act that we’ve been doing since the beginning of Man but it wasn’t until the late nineties that women started desiring to participate. I’m all for gender equality. I figure it may be harder to be a woman in society but everything about being a man ain’t peaches and cream; everyone should have an equal shot at a sucky ass time. Nevertheless, it was fascinating.

Now it’s a certain type of woman who likes to box. It’s a different type of woman who likes to watch boxing but doesn’t like to box. I put them in two categories; women who like seeing men be men and women who know that it’s going to be some men at this fight party. Yes, it needed to be said.

This weekend in what will be dubbed, The Fight of the Century, Mayweather will take on Pacquiao. Everybody is excited to either be in Vegas for the fight or hit up a fight party. To be honest, I’m not all that excited about the fight. I want to know the outcome but that’s about as far as it goes for me. Boxing died a long time ago to me.

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Mayweather is a woman’s boxer. His statistics are easy to remember; he’s undefeated. You’ll never have to debate any of his losses or talk about anytime he struggled, just say he’s undefeated. Mayweather is a titan in the ring but he’s a celebrity outside of it. Therefore, you can spend much of your time not talking about boxing at all but about his personal life away from the ring or how much money he has.

That’s why this weekend is going to be good. All those women who fall into the “it’s going to be some men at this fight party” category are going to get to live. And by God are they going to live. I was surprised by an Evite from a female friend who is having a fight party at her house. It’s $10, BYOB and 30 people on the invite… but we’ll come back to that later. What surprised me the most is that I know that she knows absolutely nothing about boxing. What I also know is that she is single as the last cigarette in the box. She’s revolutionizing the thirst trapping game. She’s taken her search for a man to a Field of Dreams level. She believes wholeheartedly in “if you build it they will come.”

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She’s not the only one who is going to be on the hunt for a man this weekend. This fight makes things easy. You know where all the men will be at and when they will be there. I guess that’s somewhat of a good thing but it just makes me think. Is it really that hard to find a man that some women will reduce themselves to trying to go to a fight party just for a man? Again, I’m not talking about those women who love the sport of boxing, this isn’t about them. It’s about the ones who are akin to the guys who stand next to the female bathroom at a concert or sporting event. They’re just trying to get in the path and hoping to get chose.

I guess it is what it is. Or, it will be what it will be. I get asked all the time, “Where are the men?” I can never really answer that question for them. In my mind, I’m at where I’m at. So I guess since men are fresh out of answers when women ask where they tend to spend their time, women have to use fight night.


  1. This post is a bit comical to me. I’m a woman who does love sports, most all sports in fact.
    Growing up I wanted to be close with the men in my family. I enjoyed spending time with them, and had more fun with them. So I initially got into sports and (manly things) including fishing and even women’s wrestling, to “bond” with my dad and uncles.
    So what does that make me…..?
    At any rate, I don’t necessarily see it as thirst. I simply see it as possibly a woman who possibly has lots of male friends and/or friends that she wants to entertain. I know several people that will use any excuse to have, or throw a party, eat, drink and be merry.
    I also don’t consider it “thirsty” just because a single woman wants to meet single men. I thought that was considered “normal” amongst single people in general. As far as I know, most everyone, men and women alike, are looking for “love.”
    In fact, there is a new and very interesting show on A&E where a group of experts and psychotherapists collectively match people. The people they match all agree to, sight unseen, marry the person they’re matched with. These couples that are matched by dating experts, and professional relationship counselors do not meet until their wedding day.
    Surprisingly, lol, there are a few blck folks sprinkled on the show, (men and women). My question is, what’s wrong with a single woman who wants to find love, a future husband, have children, and doesn’t desire to be single for life, creating a situation that is conducive to meeting eligible bachelors? Men do it all the time. In fact, I learned before I turned 21, that’s the reason why women can get into the club for free, or half-price, while men have to pay. It’s purposely set up to have a huge ratio of women to men. So what does that make the fella’s? Just curious.

  2. “On the hunt…” Nonsense! Generally speaking, if men are focused on a sport they’re not as focused on interested women. Picture this: female sitting idly by waiting for a commercial, to exchange convo with interesting guy. Instead he spends the commercial discussing the final dramatic play. This is an awesome desire for NO ONE!

    Any reason for a gathering is as good as the next for socially interactive people. This is not thirst. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge a person’s actions. Maybe her friends asked her to host, or many mentioned it and she decided to order the fight. Hosting a party, the way I do it in my house, takes a lot of work. Meeting someone based solely upon hosting is ridiculous, as it’s rare that a stranger will be in attendance. It’s my typical circle.

    I was invited to a fight party. This big mouthed man must have thought the presence of 4 women among all those men meant possibilities for him. I have no interest in dating Mr Talked too Much during the fight/Spurs game, yet he keeps sending messages.

    1. Mr Talked too Much during the fight/Spurs game…..*CRACKING UP*
      If I had to guess, I would say he was also LOUD AS HELL TOO? I know the type. Make you wanna shove food in their mouths to get em to shut up. LOL

  3. This is a pretty sexist article (and I try not to throw that word around). I’m sure on some level it was intended to be since controversy illicits more comments. And more than that everyone has their perspective so maybe the author really feels this way…

    I am a woman who happens to be balanced and have “feminine” and what you would consider based on this article “masculine” qualities too. Matter of fact, we all should have both (yin & yang), the world would make more sense, not less. But that’s another story…

    I grew up watching boxing with my father, even old tapes of Ali, Joe Frasier, etc. I won’t say I’m into all sports but boxing and basketball have always been sports that I loved. When I got to high school and wanted to box, my father said to me “you ready to get hit in the face?” And I chose basketball instead LOL.

    I still watched boxing though. I’m not a fan of Mayweather at all actually. I don’t frequent fight nights but have been to some (they’re usually a bit too noisy for my taste, I like to hear what’s going on). But if I really want to see the fight and don’t want to pay, then I’ll go. My all time favs are actually Sugar Ray and Laila Ali…

    And I’ve never thought about going to scout for men lol…not that it’s a bad idea I guess. But I’ve never really had to look for men (that sounds cocky, but it’s just the truth). I’m just myself, and that seemed to attract enough of them (or at least my husband :).

    In other words, women who like boxing “just because” do exist.

  4. Also, my dad and his friends play golf and they always said that’s a better place to meet men. I agree, I never got that into golf (and like I said, I never actively “looked” for men when I was single). But if I had to, I’d choose the golf course any day over a fight night. Not that great guys can’t be at both places, but I’d rather get to know someone in an environment where we can hear one another, I can see how they think a bit (how they play, attitude towards winning/losing, etc.), and presumably they’d be sober too LOL


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