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Three Reactions to an Amazing Sports Saturday



Saturday was awesome. It was one of the few nights where even my wife couldn’t be mad that it would revolve around sports. I had the keys to the castle, and generally the events that night didn’t disappoint.

First up, the Kentucky Derby.

This is infinitely more fun when you’re actually there it turns out. American Pharaoh won…which will only matter if he wins the Triple Crown.

That’s ok though. This was just the appetizer.

Next on the list, Game 7 between the San Antonio Spurs and the LA Clippers.


This game might have been the highlight of the night.

You had roughly 417 lead changes, 582 ties, and a signature moment for Chris Paul.

I’m firmly on the Chris Paul as #PointGOD bandwagon, but I’m also a caveman who values playoff success as a measure of greatness.

Paul is amazing, but he’s never been close to even competing for a championship.

The evolved side of me respects the advanced stats, the orchestration of the offense at the game’s highest level, the skill. The caveman in me was happy this shot went in:

…especially on a bad hamstring. In a league full of great point guards, Paul threw a big joker on the table and staked his claim as the best one in the league right now.

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Hopefully he can come back before too long. This Clippers/Rockets series needs him.

Finally, the main event…Mayweather versus Pacquiao.

I knew…I knew what this fight would be before I showed up to the fight party. I got excited anyway.

Maybe Manny can hurt Floyd. Manny is more aggressive…maybe he can catch Floyd slipping. There’s a chance this fight could be a classic.”


Yeah…so that wasn’t great. But it was exactly what you should have predicted.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Floyd’s style is essentially perfect:

Don’t get hit. Do juuuuuuust enough to win. Collect millions.

Also, make sure you’re opponent is too green or too old to really be a threat.

More interesting than the fight was The Fight Party: a study in Sociology.

The demographics of the fight party basically broke down like th-

Actually, before I run this down, you should know the party I attended was like 102% Black (with a 2% margin of error). Anyway…

  • A bunch of people trying to pretend the fight was interesting. Hanging on every connected punch, no matter how few and far between. Explaining the art of defensive boxing to casual fans at best.
  • MMA fans. Here to complain about the fight a lot, and kept suggesting we get together again for the next UFC pay-per-view. Will never happen.
  • The people rooting for Pacquiao. Mostly because, as we learned in the run-up to the fight, Floyd Mayweather is a terrible person. I was basically in this camp, but I knew Floyd would dodge and hug his way into a victory on points.
  • The oblivious. Only there because it was a party. Could have been a Housewarming Party or a Tupperware Party. The fact that the fight was on at all was inconsequential.
  • The agitated. Really excited in Round 1, frustrated by the inevitability of Round 12. This was also me. Even though I knew better.
  • Finally, the hosts, who came around with a literal hat in hand trying to recoup some of the $100 they spent on the fight. I brought a bottle, that was my entry fee.
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Overall a fun fight, but more for the people watching than anything that happened in the ring.

How did you enjoy all the sports on Saturday? Did you actually get into the Dervy? Did Chris Paul’s performance convince you the Clippers are going to The Finals? What’d you think of the fight?

Hit the comments and let me know!


  1. Great post by the way. Summed my whole perspective up. I was sort of duped. I think I wanted Pac to win more than I knew he wouldn’t. I walked away from this fight thinking to myself, “I’ll be glad when Floyd retires. I absolutely hate his style of boxing but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    Floyd is the best and worst thing that ever happened to boxing.

    1. Had the same convo with someone yesterday. They were saying boxing was effed because the fight was boring to casual fans.

      I thought about it and figured boxing was hurt before it started. The best character/biggest draw is also inclined to ‘boring’ fights. You watch to see him lose, but he has a style that makes him impossible to beat and isn’t visually stimulating. Seems like a no-win.

      On top of all that, it’s hard to knockout a guy when you’re 150ish pounds.

      We need an interesting heavyweight again.

      1. Damn Russians running that heavyweight division! lol. I enjoy defensive fighting personally. I was a big Bernard Hopkins fan in his prime as well. I think Pacquiao’s gameplan has to be to get Floyd out of his. He has to do it in a way no one else has. That’ll be what the rematch is all about. This fight’s hype was for the casual fan. The fight itself was for someone who watches the sport regularly. All in all, a great Saturday for sports!

  2. I’m a fan of Floyd’s boxing so I enjoyed the fight. The cClippers game was a nail biter and the Clips finally got one. If that was only the first round then sheesh!

  3. Enjoyed the fight…I had no expectations bc it was long overdue…primarily bc we’ve been talking about this match for like 4, 5 yrs now

    Seeing the Spurs lose was tough, but the way it happened was classic…the Wake Forest connection, CP3 finally beating the Spurs after not getting passed them when he was a Hornet, white Savior JJ Redick and his big shots, that game had it all

  4. “This Clippers/Rockets series needs him.”

    This is all I care about right now. I put the little one down at half time last night only to come back before the game was over and see the clippers were up double digits. So mad I missed what happened. I’m a little more confident in the Clippers after that win but still need Paul on the floor.

    Oh and the Bulls win the East.

  5. The clippers were more hungry than San Antonio and I think it’s time for them to go back to the drawing board. They’ve had a good run but it’s time to re-load and think about what they want to do. Chris paul is overdue a lengthy playoff run.

    The fight —what fight? Run, run, hug, hug, jab jere…jab there…I swore i saw mayweather talk to him a few times in his ear. Very underwhelming and not entertaining AT ALL, after all the hype. Wow…
    I went to a fight party and only paid $10 and got all the grub and liquor I wanted.


    1. Hey man…$10 for unlimited food and liquor is a win, lol. Screw the fight, you got fat and buzzed for (almost) nothing.

      I wonder if Tim Duncan will give it one more season. You can’t say he doesn’t still have it. 1-2 more wins and they could’ve been the 2-seed. That would change everything. Remember Kawhi had that weird eye injury to start the season. If I were them, I’d feel ok despite the 1st round exit.

  6. Oh yeah I forgot to mention how much denzel has aged….and jamie foxx’s ‘rendition’ of the national anthem. Did anyone else notice he had the “what did i do?” look on his face. And isn’t anyone going to mention the Burger King man followed money may to the ring….anyone?….anyone?

    1. Apparently Burger King paid $1 million for the privelige. They better hope people ARE talking about it. Seems like Jimmy Kimmel/Pacquiao won that battle. So Pac got one W on the night.

      Denzel…for his sake his new movie better be FIRE. He has to be in the middle of filming something. Has to!


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