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You’re Alone Because You’re Alone



A lot of people shutter at the thought of going on vacation alone or having to live without companionship. There’s a host of things that people want to do but they don’t do simply because they feel they can’t do them without the presence of another individual. After having this conversation with a friend of mine earlier this week about a friend of hers, I determined that the simple answer to why people are alone is because they can’t be alone.

Let me explain.

Imagine you’re going on vacation. You want to go to an exotic beach in a faraway distant place but you have pause for concern because you know that you’ll be going alone. You’re not wanting to spend a week on the beach in Jamaica alone. Heck, let’s scrap the beach and imagine that you’re going to Paris. Paris is a very romantic city but you don’t want to go alone. What ends up happening is that you put off these great adventures until you have a significant other to travel with you.

To be honest, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It also might be the reason why you’re still single.

Walk with me.

What I find to be true very often is that people who are single are single because they aren’t ready to be in a relationship until they figure out how to be single. Relationships are not about dependency but more about interdependency which is very different. There are people whose relationship defines who they are as a person and they need it to exist. They need to be in a relationship to feel motivated to do anything in their life. They can’t even make it to the grocery store alone because without a companion they feel empty. I know this feeling, I’ve been there before.

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I had to change that behavior because it was putting me in a horrible place when I was single. I would get in ruts that I could not get out. The problem was that when you’re in a relationship and you depend on another person in the wrong way, it’s impossible to stand alone. The inability to stand alone then makes you unattractive when you’re single because it’s going to come across as needy. Earlier in the post I talked about a friend of a friend who is single only because she doesn’t know how to be single and happy.

When people find ways to be alone they begin to find themselves. They begin to show all the beautiful things about themselves that are hidden when you are living to conform to someone else’s liking. That’s what you need if you intend on finding a mate. I’ve never been attracted to anyone who I felt like was just a mirror of myself. I needed to see the person as an individual who was separate from me but I appreciated being with. That’s my recommendation, be a person that someone wants to be with and choose as a companion. What you can’t do is be a person that needs the other person to tell them how to be. It just won’t work.

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This means that you’re going to have to get used to being alone. You’re going to have to build courage to do things on your own. You’ll have to stop being lonely to stop being alone. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then I’m not sure your single status will ever change.


    1. I plan to take a trip by myself as well Mr. SD.
      My only concern with doing that and going out of the country is my safety being a woman alone in a foreign country. So I plan to meet up with a friend of mine from St. Kitt when she goes back home. Since that’s her home country, I will feel much better being there with her. I’ll still go when I want, and leave when I want. She’ll be there for almost a month.

      1. That’s always a concern for those travelling along, especially women travelling alone, but even men rolling solo can be easy targets as well. I always strongly suggest rollilng with a travel club. There is one in particular that usually has a large group that goes ALL over – check out Mahogany Vacations. They aren’t the only ones. I don’t like living in fear but being cautious is always wise. Live your lives, people….and be safe while doing it 😉

        1. Thanks for the info J2daT. I’ll definitely check that out.
          I know a few travel meetups that travel as well.

        2. My bff traveled to France alone and had no issues and enjoyed herself very much. Maybe she looks more intimidating because she’s very tall, almost 6 ft, and over 6 ft tall with heels.

    2. I went to St.Croix and Costa Rica by myself and it was fun and relaxing. I met a lot of nice people too. Enjoy!!!

  1. I really dig this post Dr. J and give it A+ 1000. I guess because I grew up an only child, (my siblings are all step and we have different moms and they’re much younger than me) I got used to being alone. In fact, I revel in my solitude many times. I’m that person that has no qualms about going places alone. This first started to happen to me by default though. My friends and family didn’t always like the same things I liked, enjoy the same venues and activities I enjoyed. My mom and grandparents ingrained in me to be self motivated, a self thinker and independent. So I started going places by myself, determined not to miss out on anything just because I didn’t have anyone to accompany me.
    I found that I enjoyed venturing out alone. I met more interesting people, attracted cute guys, got bought more drinks, and got to do leave when I wanted without having to consider anyone else. I also didn’t have to wait on anyone who may be running late. Then I found that I quite enjoyed being at home alone, because I got to do what I wanted, how I wanted, and when I wanted. I actually enjoy going to the movies alone because nobody is in my ear talking to me when the movie starts. I hate when people talk during a movie I really like and am into. Inevitably for me, my enjoyment of solitude came slightly from a place of selfishness..lol.
    Unfortunately though, this has hurt a few of my previous relationships. I got so comfortable with my solitude, I almost forgot how to be with someone. I found myself wanting to be alone, more than with the other person. Had nothing to do with me not enjoying their company, just wanting to be alone to do my own things that I did when I was alone. Being alone started to become necessary for me, probably much like being with someone becomes necessary for people who always need someone around, and feel like they can’t function alone. I had to learn to enjoy being with other people, and spend time with other people, instead of just myself all the time. The ironic thing is, I’m very much a people person…lol (Go figure).
    So I guess I must be the polar opposite of people who always need to be around other people.

    1. Kudos for sharing, I am cut from similar cloth especially the only child thing and being comfortable in solitude to a fault sometimes.

  2. Nice article but there many reasons why adults find themselves alone and want either a friend or a significant other to share times with. While being alone is great at times there is nothing wrong with someone acknowledging they are lonely and is interested in actively looking to make new friends or date.

    1. Very true. Lonely is a state of mind. Alone is a physical state of being. I’ve known many in relationships that were quite lonely so being coupled isn’t necessarily the answer either and can be misleading to some. One should be able to enjoy their own company regardless and fearlessly explore the world [safely and within reason that you can by yourself if possible].

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