Home Entertainment Fair or Foul: Mike Epps makes me wonder, When does flirting become cheating?

Fair or Foul: Mike Epps makes me wonder, When does flirting become cheating?



Sup fam,

I know y’all don’t hear from me that much and I apologize. I’m working on getting my thoughts out there more frequently. I hope the contributions from other writers on the blog have held y’all down. I wish I could write everyday… but the way my job is setup is I got a blog and job. Nonetheless, quick post today and I wanted to get the thoughts of the group on when exactly does cheating occur.

I’m not sure if you all were able to see but Mike Epps got caught cheating on his wife on Twitter… allegedly. I say, “allegedly” because just because he’s tweeting with her doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with her. However, this got me to thinking because the term cheating is always used so very vaguely. I’ve seen everything from being caught in the act to some variation of Minority Report where if you were thinking about it, then you did it.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what happened to poor Mikey:

Comedian Mike Epps started off with a “hey” to user @CeciCitra. A “hey” turned into a “DM me,” which is when Epps’ wife Mechelle gave him the side-eye.


Mechelle tweeted the ‘big eyes’ emoji and that’s when Epps and the other woman’s Twitter exchange abruptly ended.

More on The Grio.

I’m no fool and I know that Mike wasn’t there to make a new friend. However, this could happen to a person who is desiring a platonic or professional relationship. Also, why is his wife ALL the way in his mentions? I know that formerly back in the days of Tweetdeck, your old lady could setup a column with you in the search field. I always thought that was weird because they want to know what you’re saying but also what people are saying to you. Seems a bit much.

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Thoughts from the SBM Massive?


  1. I would have done the same thing the wife did. Tweeting isn’t cheating, but somewhere on the path between innocent and cheating there’s a pit stop called “inappropriate behaviour” and he was parked right there.

  2. I think flirting becomes cheating when the playfulness of it becomes serious. We’ve all playfully flirted with the opposite sex at one time or another but when your intentions are more than just banter then that’s different.


  3. “I wish I could write every day” I am trying to make this a reality one day where that type of thing is my job. I feel you! Mike Epps was just doing a little too much. I wouldn’t call it cheating, but his wife did pretty much the right thing and subtly asserted herself. You’re a public figure, just behave.

  4. He was definitely on the verge of cheating. This woman told him she deleted her IG page because she wasn’t getting enough attention on it. His asking her to DM him was like saying he could provide her with that attention. Nah! His wife reacted right.


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