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Single Black Mail Episode 3: Cheaters Remorse


Cheaters need to heal too, right? Jeff assists a young gentleman who’s transgressions have left him remorseful and hopeless #SBMail

Here is the entire message:

I wanted to have some advice about cheating. You see, I have recently been caught by my ex girlfriend, and I feel so guilty. I have been using the time apart to reflect on my actions. I have come to realize that I cheated because a) I was bored and missed the excitement of chasing after women, b) I wanted a switch up in my sex life, c) my inner social circle is full of single men and cheaters; I probably wanted to feel more accepted by emulating them and d) it was a cheap way to deal with issues in my relationship. I have also come to realize that I am not ready to get back with her, as such, I need to leave her go. Had I been able to have the real talk with myself and my girlfriend, I could have prevented all this to happen. The problem is the following; how does an (ex)-cheater not only get over the guilt, but also the love ache because I never stopped loving her (even when I cheated). There is so much advice on helping the cheated move on, but so little on helping the cheater move on.

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  1. I dealt with a similar situation. I was the one cheated on and he is super remorseful to this day. He knows I was good to him. He claims to always know I was his ideal mate but he couldn’t let me go even though he wasn’t ready for what I wanted. I tell him to forgive himself, because I have moved past it. I’ve come to realize he wants me to see him and look at him the way I did prior to his cheating. Unfortunately, that will never happen.


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