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3 Tips for Men on How to Show Support to the Woman in Your Life



So she says you don’t motivate her? You think you do, but she says it’s not the way that she wants you to motivate her. You both may be right. This is what I thought when I saw Love and Hip Hop, while Brandi and Max Boyd were in the studio. He was trying to motivate her the way, us men, usually motivate one another. He challenged her enthusiasm, he had no compassion for her excuses, and encouragement was only giving when the performance was to his standards.

However, the women we love never really respond in a positive and/or constructive way to that sort of support. It made me think how women are really the best at showing support and how we could learn a thing or two from them. This post was going to originally be called 3 Things Men Can Learn From Women on How to Show Support to the People in Our Life, but that’s a long ass title too long for a blog. So here is 3 Tips for Men on How to Give Emotional Support to the Woman in Your Life:


Words that always spoke to me was something said by Thich Nhat Hanh during an Oprah interview. Oprah asked, “The only way to end war is communication between people?” and Hanh replied “Dear friends, dear people, I know that you suffer. I have not understood enough of your difficulties and suffering. It’s not our intention to make you suffer more. It is the opposite. “, basically saying in order to end war(miscommunication) we first must understand the opposite person’s suffering.

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What I took from the exchange is that sometimes when we are with a person we love or care about, it sometimes we feel we are at war with one another even when we want to help and support them- the best way we know how. Yet, sometimes we need to just stop and iterate that we recognize the challenges they face and that we want to help alleviate that suffering. Compassion and understanding can go a long way in a supporting your girl.

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  1. Men and women definitely communicate differently which is why they find it hard to relate to one another. Communication is key and it seems we’re always seeking an understanding when all we really need is someone who is able to relate to us. In addition many of us expect others to act and speak as if we would, which always leaves me baffled. “I would never do….”, “I would never say…” Who cares, I am not you. Both men and women have to put forth the effort to understand one another’s lingo and to respect an individual’s point of view.

    In my own experience I’ve had men tell me what I’m thinking, saying, the meaning behind my actions, etc… I am the only one who knows everything about me, and I am not shy with expressing myself. This is a lack of respect, in my opinion. I’ve witnessed similar dynamics in friends and siblings I have always been respectful and try to relate to others. Actions, resolve, etc…may even seem weird to me, but I accept others for who they are and then determine whether or not they are a fit for me.

    Listen, respect, appreciate, and be true to your word in every aspect. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.

  2. #1. Men can not communicate alone. More often than not, women are the talkers. They almost never stop to see if her partner is listening. They go on and on, and expect their partner to remember everything they said and respond. After a while, men just tone their partner out.

    #2. Compassion works both ways too. More often than not, when females temper gets highest of the high, there is absolutely no room for compassion. All of the screaming, shouting, verbal abuse just sucks the air out of anyone, then compassion goes out the window.

    #3 Men does not respond to females that becomes over protective, obsessive, highly jealous, and demanding. There is absolutely, no room for compassion in these cases.

    #4. VIOLENCE, physical altercations, physical attacks, and any type of physical abuse, definitely shutdown compassion. This holds true for men and women. There should be zero tolerance for violence of any type in a relationship or marriage.


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