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Single Black Mail Episode 6 – “I Need A Girl”


The dating pool is drying up for one man, and he needs help finding the right women to date. Jeff tries to guide him on the latest Single Black Mail!

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  1. Well he is saying that he wants a “good quality woman with substance” but is he a good quality man and with substance. Some of the men out there that make this argument are total rejects (due to their attitude and etc.) and nobody wants them. Also, a lot of men have come across good women in their lifetime but was too “busy” for them or wasn’t ready for a relationship. Now these men are looking and most of the good women are taken. When you find her, you better keep her.

    1. I agree with this comment. Also, if these men meet a good woman, some either don’t know how to handle them or they don’t realize that she was a good woman to start with. They didn’t appreciate these women until later on.

      1. I agree with your comment on face value. I think the main concern of the person who asked was that he was striking out on meeting women and wanted to know where to look. While what you said is true I don’t think we can indict him based on his desire for a quality woman. How many times have we heard women say “I Need a GOOD Man” and it not be second guessed right?! Hopefully dude is quality himself because no amount of good women will solve his shittiness. Thank you for watching!!!


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