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Have You Ever Brought Food Into the Bedroom?



Dear theSUNK,

I’ll start off by saying I never thought I would use food in the bedroom! With that being said I’ll share with you how that filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a lobster tail got me into a sticky situation. What’s funny about this story is I had no intention on sleeping with this man who was twice my senior, but him cooking me a homemade meal and all, changed things a bit. I was just not physically attracted to him. He had grey in his hair, bad teeth from years of smoking cigarettes, and small lips. (Which I hate, no offense)

We smoked a joint while preparing the meal, the meal which I really didn’t help with. To compliment the steak and lobster, he also made asparagus, corn on the cobb, and a cheesy garlic and herb mash potatoes. He set the table with candles, red wine and our lovely dinner. It was nestled right next to the fire place which had the fire blazing. That’s how I really knew he wanted something to go down after.

We finished our meal which was phenomenal and started to dance in front of the fire. It was nice, a little too sensual but I was going with it. Before I knew it, I was turned facing the window with him behind me, two fingers entering….

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Finish this NSFW story HERE

Have you ever brought food into the bedroom, what food was it and did you like the experience?

-TheSUNK.com(the Sh*t U Need 2 Know)
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  1. Why would anyone take the time to reply when the remarks just disappear? One replies…then it states it has to be approved by moderator, then it disappears….

    No swearing or derogatory remarks yet it needs to be approved.


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