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Why Is Halle Berry Crazy, But Steve Harvey Is A Relationship Guru



A few months ago, famous actress, Halle Berry announced that she was ending her third marriage to Oliver Martinez. It didn’t take long for the bitter, misogynistic men brigade to chime in with how crazy Halle is, which is why she can’t keep a man. It didn’t take long for the women to offer some self-deprecating advice too, about how she should make better choices in her selection of men. Well, I am telling all of you to have a collective row of seats!

The same ones, raking Halle over the coals, have been through your share of sex partners, failed relationships, and bad choices. The only difference is yours did not play out in the media.

Even her former husbands, David Justice and Eric Benet, who couldn’t keep their penises out of other women’s vaginas while they were married to her, took to Twitter to take cheap shots at her. But this blog entry is not about those two busters!

Not only do you need to mind your business, but you need to stop being hypocrites. Some of the same ones of you, ridiculing Halle, flock to hear Steve Harvey speak, tune in to his daily talk show, and line his pockets with your money from all of his self-help relationship books that you buy. It matters not to you that he is on his third marriage (which probably will not be his last if he finds someone better looking than Majorie who happens to catch his eye). It bothers you not that every new Mrs. Harvey was the mistress while he was married to the former Ms. Harvey. Why no ridicule and shame for him? Because he is a man! It makes him right and superior regardless, at least to hear men tell it, and to some self-deprecating women as well.

I don’t follow the crowd, and all I want from Steve is for him to tell jokes, and entertain me. If I need relationship advice, I will go to a family member or friend, who actually has some time and good decision making under their belts.

And for those of you shaming Halle, yet praising Steve, you’ll need better role models!


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  1. Interesting point of view and I definitely get the double standard, but at what point do we not defend a double standard with another double standard. I’m definitely not saying I don’t do it, but just thinking how we really cancel each other out. I’ve actually found myself praying for Halle because as a woman, we can definitely relate to seeking after love and being disappointed and/or hurt. But I also appreciate Steve Harvey who is always straightforward about his past and celebrates his current wife to no extent. He simply speaks from where he’s been and where he currently is: a happy, healthy marriage. By no means do I see him as an expert,but definitely a voice of male perspective that is pretty accurate! Halle could definitely create a show or write a book in which she shares her stories and failures, and the lessons she’s learned, I would definitely tune in! She speaks from what she knows, just like Steve Harvey, he just happens to have numerous platforms in which he is able to share his opinions and advice and gets paid for it! I say let’s get Halle a talk show, better yet, have her on Steve’s show! Lol

    1. But that’s the thing, we celebrate Steve, buy his books, but you even stated in your reply that you pray for Halle Berry. Who’s to say that she is not just as happy and fulfilled as Steve? Although it seems that he has a good relationship this time, things are not always as they seem, and his first two wives tell a not so good story. We as a society need to be equal with our criticism of men and women.

      1. To play devil’s advocate, I would like to believe that a big reason for the difference is that Halle’s misadventures have played out more publicly than Steve’s. Yes I realize that in the information age, we can find out pretty much whatever we want, however, most of us know more about Halle even if we were blind and had only a tv with no computer access. I’m not saying its right, just my observation.

        1. Steve’s first two wives say some less than complimentary things about him too, and they were vilified in the public eye. We have to do better about how we speak about women and treat them in relationships,


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