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Are You Cool With Your Boyfriend Frequenting the Strip Club?

It’s no secret around these parts that i’m a fan of the strip club. I’ve definitely given out a healthy serving of a round of applause on many of nights here in DC and across the country. People always ask me to write about the strip club and relationships — like all the time. I always hesitate […]

Deep into the heart of the strip club

SBM: Man I love Atlanta! Ms. Hater: Why is that? I know you are going to say something ingnorant. SBM: Ignorance? From me? Miss … I think you have me confused. MsH: Then do tell … why do you love the A? SBM: All these strip clubs! Last night, I threw so much money in […]

Take it to the Streetz: Significant Others and Strip Clubs

Whats goin on SBMers! Its 2011 and I had a new Years Resolution decided to incorporate a new series on SingleBlackMale.Org. I call this the “Take it to the Streetz” series, where I ask  your opinion on a question or situation posted to me. For our inaugural post, I decided to incorporate both SBM and […]

I Told You! Women Go To Stadium Nightclub Too!

  I’ve always found myself trying to explain to folks why I’m going to Stadium as often as I go. I personally think that it’s just a hangout for me and the fellas. If we had picked going to a random watering hole in the middle of Southeast DC, I would go there too. What I’ve always told […]

Don’t Buy Girls Drinks in the Club … PERIOD!

“Man … I bought that girl a drink and didn’t even get the number” “Ha ha … you simp ass b*tch” This conversation occurred so many times in college its not even funny. I tell people to this day that me and all my friends had an official policy about buying drinks for women while […]

The Black Man Chronicles, Part 1: Living Up to The Stereotypes

We’re shiftless, lazy, irresponsible people. I’m certain that there are at least a hundred other adjectives and adnouns used to describe the black man. You can find us see us out in the street hustling drugs, t-shirts, or even bottled water. We’ve also achieved the incomparable feat of occupying the most space in national jail and prison systems. It is said that we’ve fathered numerous children out of wedlock and that we have no intention of being committed to a monogamous relationship. Surely, that is what most of you think; and I’m certain that you have mounds of evidence to support your belief.

Three and a Half Stories to Look Forward to This NFL Season

With the annual Hall of Fame game in the books, the 2015 NFL season has officially started(!!). Time to shift from “I wish football was back” tweets to “(fill in the blank) looked really good in training camp!” tweets. Soon we’ll get tweets about actual, you know, games. But until then, we’ll look ahead to […]

Why You Feel The Need To Label Women

I wish I could tell you that Amber fought the good fight, and the Sisters let her be. I wish I could tell you that – but the entertainment business is no fairy-tale world. Let’s recap what happened over the last few days: Tyga is dating a Kylie Jenner. Amber says that Tyga is a […]

Spinning Poles & “Spanish Girls” {Podcast}

Rich & WIM discuss strip club revelations, dating apps, how to solve for a major relationship problem, a woman who was too sexy for the gym, coming home to a freakfest, controversy around the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the BuzzFeed/Steenfox story, the “unmarriables” article, listener feedback, being old as f*ck, and more. **Don’t forget to […]

Divisive Conversation: Men And Paying For Sex

Last week an old classmate of mine wanted to know something about us men. She really wanted to know why guy’s were so interested in going to strip clubs. This young lady is not a fan of that industry and saw those who participated in it as lowly. So for this week’s post I was […]

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