About Me

Celibacy and the Single Woman

  Well folks, it’s finally here. As many of you already know, my e-book, my digital novella, my really long, short-story drops today. It’s called Secrets Discovered In Memoriam, and it explores the mind of a man trying to come to terms with his past and his emotional relation to it in the wake of  […]

Don’t call me sweetheart!

Summer in New York City is unlike any other place on Earth. The city that never sleeps gets better weather, more daylight hours, and double the events. Last weekend was no different. A plethora of events engulfed the 5 boroughs that would constitute a holiday weekend in other places. We had Hot 97 Summer Jam, […]

There Goes My Hero

For most of my life I’ve not been the type of person given to being particularly emotional. I cry at neither weddings or funerals, I rarely lose my temper, and rarely am I happy to the point of jubilation or sad to the point of depression. Feelings and emotions for me have always been completely […]

Breaking Old Habits

Streetz normally handles the mail, but this letter ended up on my desk for some reason, so let’s see if I can’t shed some light on this situation, given my unique perspective and all: Hello, I would like your thoughts on this situation. Me and my boyfriend are in our mid-thirties. Our relationship is fairly […]

Sentimental Value

There are many things that differentiate humans from all other forms  of life on this planet. The most obvious are heightened intelligence, advanced communication, etc. However, one of the most intriguing characteristics of the human complex is the affinity and worth placed on inanimate objects. We cherish things in our lives, that may or may […]

In My Time of Villainy

  In all the realms of fantasy – from comic books to novels, cartoons to cinema, there are heroes and villains. Heroes are possessed of impeccable character – they save things, solve problems, get the girl and keep the girl happy. Villains on the other hand are the destroyers of worlds, they are hell-bent on […]