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Single Black Male (SBM) provides the male perspective on questions women want answered, and topics men find interesting. Some of the common subjects you’ll find on SBM include dating & relationships, arts & entertainment, and  lifestyle & culture.

SBM started with one writer sharing his thoughts on male/female relationship dynamics, but has expanded to a team of black men (and women)  known for honest and thought-provoking perspective. At our core, we are writers– artists. We seek to express ourselves through this medium with the hopes of sparking dialogue and thought around issues we’re passionate about.

In doing so, SBM has won several accolades including Best Dating & Relationship blog (2009), Best Blog Design (2011), a spot on Ebony Magazine’s 2011 Power 100 list, and a feature on Black Enterprise as a part of their 2012 Black Bloggers Month celebration. SBM has also been featured and/or profiled on Essence and Clutch Magazine’s websites in addition to other online publications. SBM writers have also made appearances on syndicated radio shows such as the Michael Baisden and Tom Joyner shows.

For Urban Male
My father was a slave and my people died to build this country, and I’m going to stay right here and have a part of it, just like you. ~ Paul Robeson

As our URL indicates: we’re black and we’re men. Our goal has been and will be to provide insight into the black male mind on all things we find interesting. We often feature women writers and have on occasion featured non-black writers, but at our core, we are and will be black males.

Who knows but that on the lower frequencies, I speak for you ~Ralph Ellison

What makes SBM unique is the diversity of its perspective. WIth staff writers contributing featured and around the web content weekly, and additional content from guest submissions, SBM is able to present a 360 degree view of what’s new, interesting and noteworthy. From addressing serious, difficult issues in and around our community, to recapping the latest pop culture happenings, to offering advice on love & relationships, SBM covers all bases in its own unique and varied way.

Social Media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SingleBlackMale
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SBMDOTORG

The Wealth Noir Group

SingleBlackMale is now part of The Wealth Noir Group, a group of digital media properties focused on African-American Millenials


  1. I love your site. I don't understand why you feel the need to mask your nerdiness. I personally find a man that is well-read, inquisitive, worldly and articulate extremely attractive and many of my girlfriends do as well. I would like for you do to a piece on why so many young and middle aged black men don't go to church. I'm not one who feels that people's lives should revolve around church and that they show up everytime the doors open but I would just like some feedback about why a lot of single brothers don't even show up a couple of Sundays out of a month.

  2. to a single black male. to me from what you are saying you are the type of brother who is what I refer to as looking excellent on paper. for me you wouldn't have to mask your nerdiness because if a man can capture my mind he can have anything he wants. I'm so over hood brothers and have been for sometime but I do consider myself an EBP even though I may not have the same level of education as some of the men who approach me. I do find from time to time I run across men who think I'm not good enough for them because I have 2 children and have not been married to date. I am not a woman looking for a babys daddy or a replacement father.

    I desire companionship and someone who will allow me to romance them and be deserving enough of all the things I would love to do for my man.

    the bible says " he that findeth himself a wife findeth himself a good thing" what I take from this is I should stand still and let my KING find me. how ever standing still has also gotten people run over from time to time if they don't have the forsight to move out the way. never the less in 2008 I'm taking applications, no temp postion available only full time lovers wanted…

    peace and blessings

    A Sankofa Queen

  3. Hello SBM

    I recently came across your site while looking for a biker single site. However I took the time to stop and check it out and I must admit I like what I’ve read and will be returning often. And let me just add you are who you are if anyone doesn’t like it do you really care! Never mask who you are! If you’re happy with the person you are to hell with others. That’s just me and my 3 cents.

  4. I came across your site after checking out my daily "The Cynical Ones" and clicking and clicking and here I am. Anywho, I am always open to hearing the opinions/suggestions/rants of an Educated Black Man!!!! Great blog.

  5. most of the blogs I stumble upon are people from dc..what do you think this means

    that we talk to damn much ???? lol..that we have a lot to say ???

    just asking

  6. Hi SBM,

    I was perusing a women's forum last month and someone posted a link to your blog (ironically enough, she was straight bashing you, lol). Me being me, I had to check out what all the fuss was about and have been hooked ever since.

    Love the blog, love the insight, might even join in on all the fun:)

  7. Greetings,

    I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog and how happy I was to see that it was given great mention in the January 2010 edition of essence magazine that I received today!!! (Page 62, bottom left hand corner!) I think you guys do a fantastic job examining the male psyche, and just thought you should know that if essence recognizes the greatness, then that's awesome!!! Cheers and keep up the great work!!

  8. Found this website in Essence and i love it already! It's always good to read an entertaining male perspective on relationships, keep up the good work fellas.

  9. F I N A L L Y and THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gettin' my shout on FO' REAL!!!* Gheesh…I KNEW there were some ARTICULATE (gotta stress that one I am an English teacher so this is #1 on my list for who I choose to include in my circle of acquaintances/friends LOL), FUNNY-AS-ALL-HECK, FUN LOVING, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL, SINGLE MEN who don't mind SHARING with the rest of the world their adventures and musings! I am your counterpart…allow me to introduce myself (not re-introduce love ya Jay-Z): I am Demetria Nicole, single/black/female…articulate/educated…yet down to Earth (my head is not all up in the sky like "Oh I have this and that degree" LOL)…socialite (just love socializing/networking/building positivity with my peeps) and all around passionate God-fearing woman…not gloating just sharing as you gentlemen did in your intro's for this blog. I have a SPANKIN' NEW BLOG on blogger.com…I will be SURE to link you all to it as soon as I actually BLOG SOMETHING lol…I at least made the first step in securing my blog name and I will not even share that right now–for that is not why I stopped through to leave a comment–I truly wanted you writers to KNOW from the depths of my heart how much I support, honor, appreciate and celebrate this site as your expression of who you are (at least for the moment as far as being single men)…even when you get married (not if you are all good catches in my opinion), please continue to share your musings on life, dating, love…those topics never grow old! I am looking forward to this new acquaintaince if you shall oblige me. *FYI>>>shout out to the "other" Demetria who mentioned your site in the January 2010 issue of my FAVORITE magazine ESSENCE! (yep I shall always remember page 62 of that issue, as the young lady said above, bottom corner left side LOL)…good lookin' on this one Demetria L! Lastly in the words of BrownBeauty1987 "I am hooked!" Yes sis I agree…I will be waiting with baited breath upon EVERY posting; you have a loyal fan for life; and I will be sharing your website with everyone I know…keep up the blessed work gentlemen. Thank you for finding a way to share your thoughts without cursing (although you make mention to words it's never blatant and I for one appreciate that) yet coming off so REAL…love it! Hugs.

  10. You all are refreshing and extremely entertaining. And like you said in "Black Male Bloggers: Our Words Are Gospel" as powerful and surprisingly friggin gotdamnit accurate as the posts are, we, as the readers can't live by them but I thank you all for having an opinion and giving us an insight on the things you've expeienced. There are a lot that can relate and you give us other ways to take it. Maybe there's really more than three ways to take it. (see what I did there?) 😀 keep up the good writing.

  11. i found this site last night…while looking up tips for a maneuver i'd rather not explain (blush) anyways im feelin you alls post this site is hot!!!! even though im slightly offended at times …lol aint nothin wrong wit that

  12. Ha! I just noticed that I only recognize 2 names on this list of commenters, and one of them is crazy. This is the first time I've come across this page, and thought I'd put my signature on here for future reference.

  13. I love this site. I took me a couple of days to read it all ! I was LMAO, upset, sad, happy, disappointed etc… Refreshing. Since I am trying to discover Blk North Americans (and improve my English) it’s very helpful. Good luck !

  14. Live from Cincinnati, Ohio…caught my attention at 2am. A woman who will be making the infamous "aisle walk" in October, I must say, this site has so much to offer for any man or woman during any stage of a relationship or while in their singleness. I look forward to what is yet to come!

  15. So I have a question but wish to remain anonymous pls if you post this. I’m a white female whose in love and been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year who happens to be a black male. Long story short in beginning of our relationship and a couple of times in middle I found him talking on messenger inappropriately with other females. I mean straight out coming onto them strong and heavy. He claims he’s never cheated but my heart is really involved and I want to believe him but my insides won’t let me relax I just don’t believe him and I feel if he hasn’t he’s trying to. So occasionally I go into his phone and spy and I found a message he wrote to his baby mamma that said and I quote ” Hey BMW I went into the matrix on my girl. ” I don’t understand street slang so I need help deciphering this statement is this bad or good. At first I thought he was admitting cheating on me. I neve4 saw any matrix movies. Pls help me I’m really upset and hurt and crying over this


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