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My mother thought I was crazy when I told her I wanted to be a writer. She suggested I become a doctor because there's no money in writing. I replied "who said anything about money". That day I realized Black Women have a one track mind. www.blackgirlsareeasy.com

Ugly Girl Swag (Guest Post by NC-17)

Every man wants the prettiest girl in the room, no one wants the “she’s okay” chick and we damn sure don’t want the ugly chick. The thing about the okay chick is that she’s subjective; some guys may think she’s at the higher end of the Smash spectrum, while more picky guys may put her […]

For Those Who Think Young [Guest Post by @8plus9]

My boy hit me up last week, excited that he spent the day chilling with two 20 year old girls who blew his mind. “Yo, they were mad fun, and it was just so easy to talk to them, they weren’t on some fake LA ish”. I asked if he got her number, he replied, […]

Girls Are Not Your Friend

I don’t want to be friends with any woman. If I am your friend it’s because A) I screwed up somewhere along the line or B) we’re related. I’m not talking about work associates or we have a class together buddy. I’m talking friend. My homie has nearly 80 bbm contacts 70 something are cute […]

You’re Never Getting Married

You’re not going to marry him. Your “boo” who you’ve been in love with (off and on of course) will never get down on one knee and propose to you. Stop picking out colors. Stop writing letters to David Tutera, two homosexual rabbits in the state of California have a better chance of saying “I […]

I Want To Have S*x With Your BFF

**Admin Note** As you may have noticed, we have a new Friday Linuep. Please welcome the newest memebers of the #FridaySBMTeam: NC17, LincolnABlades, Max, and Wisdom Is Misery join the vet RightCoastLexSteele to bring you the hottest end of week blogs on the net! We got em from all walks of life and have a […]

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