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Founder & Creator of SingleBlackMale.org. My healthy obsession with dating, relationships, and trying to identify and address the problems of dating in Black America. I also happen to be a mean sumb*tch who likes to hear himself talk ... but I'm funny though.

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Relationship Edition

Honesty is the best policy! Right? WRONG! While last time I talked about the importance of being able to lie as necessary for a happy relationship, the truth is I love telling the truth, and it should be done as much as possible.  I’m more than happy to drop my 2 cents when needed (probably […]

Engaged Black Male: 5 Signs Your Marriage Will Fail

I Worry.  If I don’t grind hard enough, I won’t be rich.  If I don’t set at least 2 alarms, I’ll miss my flight.  Sh*t happens and I try hard to make sure it doesn’t happen to me. Now I find myself about to get married.  I am about to commit the rest of my […]

Engaged Black Male: How men get married

I always knew I would get married. But Jay lied to you.  I didn’t see her across a room and think “I’m going to marry that”.  I did not envision our kids before I knew her name.  Marriage was the furthest thing from my mind … 90% of men are slowly drug into marriage, usually […]

Engaged Black Male: Quirks of an Engaged Black Male

Today’s Post is a part of the Engaged Black Male Series. Now that I’m engaged (yeah … no more Single in the name) life is different.  This series takes you into the mind of a Black Man preparing for Marriage and all that it entails.  Enjoy!   I’m weird. Not crazy “Don’t talk to that […]

Engaged Black Male: 6 Reasons Marriage is Scary as #@*$

Today’s Post is part of a new series:”Engaged Black Male”.  I’ll investigate marriage, being engaged, and all of the thoughts that swim through the head of a black man as he enters engagement and prepares for that lifelong commitment. As any man prepares to take that lifelong plunge, there is a lot that we think […]

Engaged Black Male: Why do men get married?

It has been hard transitioning from a Single Black Male into a Dating Black Male and now into an Engaged Black Male (I’m still SBM though … remember that). Today’s post is part of a new series: Engaged Black Male.  I’ll talk about being engaged, my upcoming life of commitment, and all of the thoughts […]

Yes, Chivalry is Really Dead!

If your a woman … you might be mad right now. Just reading the title might have upset you.  You might have only come here to sound off in the comments … and you might not even read this. Instead of all that anger … breathe … calm down a little … and hear me […]

The Male Marrying Age … Explained

M Dot: SBM. I got this brand new theory for you. SBM: Do tell … MD: Dating older guys are the key. They have gotten the clubbing and the women out their system, and their ready to settle down. SBM: You sure about that … MD: I mean yeah … of course. It makes sense. […]

News Flash: Black Men Still Winning

**** Editor’s Note **** I started this site almost 4 years ago. I named the site after myself.  I was a single black male.  I had no plans to stay that way, but it seemed fitting and I was loving being single. I was a young black male professional in DC. I was walking around […]

Double Standards 101

  Double Standards are everywhere! I mean … some of them really suck … some of them are helpful … some of them just …well, don’t make sense.  Most of the people that complain about double standards benefit from some of them simultaneaously. Double Standards are everywhere when it come to the sexes.  There are […]

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