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Founder & Creator of SingleBlackMale.org. My healthy obsession with dating, relationships, and trying to identify and address the problems of dating in Black America. I also happen to be a mean sumb*tch who likes to hear himself talk ... but I'm funny though.

How do you know it’s Love?

There are several questions that make life for men difficult.  A few questions that never have a good answer, yet can never be left unanswered.  They put us on the spot, make us sweat, and may cause stomach pains. – Where is this relationship going? – Did you sleep with her? – Do you love […]

I Hate Weaves – Part Deaux

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post.  There was something bubbling within me and I had to release it.  A black bubbly hatred that was sure to soon consume me. I dropped “I Hate Weaves” It was an innocent post.  I had one goal with that post: tell the story of […]

Deep into the heart of the strip club

SBM: Man I love Atlanta! Ms. Hater: Why is that? I know you are going to say something ingnorant. SBM: Ignorance? From me? Miss … I think you have me confused. MsH: Then do tell … why do you love the A? SBM: All these strip clubs! Last night, I threw so much money in […]

Your baby’s daddy name DOES NOT need to live on

SBM: I just don’t get it. The Baby’s Mother: What is there to get? SBM: When was the last time he even say little Jay-Quan? The BM: When did Jay drop the Black Album? SBM: You know that’s crazy! The n*#[email protected] slums as a father. The BM: What is your point? SBM: Why does he […]

Single Black Mail: Should I break up his marriage?

Today, we are lucky enough to have another concerned reader with a real world problem looking for guidance and assistance.  And as always, my opinion is good … but the real gold and the real advice is going to come from the comments.  All of you, what you feel, what you think, and what you […]

The Bald Kitty Movement: Part 2

You wear spanx because hiding your gut makes you look good … right? You put all that weave in your head (which I hate) because it makes you look good … right? You shave all the hair on your upper lip to look better … right? But it’s not just looking good … you also […]

SBM Answers: Why do men love easy p***y?

Craigslist games have been popular for awhile.  It’s a place you can be completely anonymous and play experiments on people.  Want to see if women will really send in head shots to fly in your G5?  Want to see how foul a woman has to be for no man to sleep with her?  Want to […]

6 Reasons I Got Out “The Game”

You would think someone who created a site by the name of “Single Black Male” would love being single. Wrong! One of my best friends recently re-entered the world of singledom.  After a long 5 year hiatus, now he has stories of bad dates, crazy chics, and random beats.  I … now in the happy […]

F* a diamond

There I am … sitting in class. Professor: “DeBeers is a cartel that is not allowed to operate in the U.S.  They were faced with an excess supply of diamonds and needed a way to make their relatively worthless stones worth a lot.  Engagement rings, “Diamonds are Forever”, Spending 3 months salary on a ring, […]

Wait: Was that Racist?

I went to a Primarily White Institute (PWI) for undergrad. The office at … well … pretty much every single job I’ve ever had … has been Primarily White. My grad school right now is … yeah … Primarily White … in a city that is PW. Basically, I have spent a healthy amount of […]

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