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Ahyiana Angel is a Cali girl who has turned the Manhattan streets into her playground. This sassy storyteller—a former sports entertainment publicist at the National Basketball Association (NBA)—is anticipating the release of her first novel where the underlying themes deal with relationships, dating in New York, and deception. Angel is the creator of the salacious and popular blog Life According to Her. It’s contrived like reality TV, fictionalized for fun (also to protect the innocent), and sensationalized for your entertainment. Angel loves traveling—especially frolicking in Caribbean sands—embarking on new adventures, and she’s obsessed with crime drama series.

Please Stop Having Children By My Future Husband

This is a public service announcement on the behalf of my future married self and my sister friends in the struggle. Have you ever dated a guy with a child and thought to yourself: I wish he didn’t come with a microwave family. Am I wrong? I’ll help you with that answer, no you are […]

Is Rape a Joke to Our Youth?

On the 4th of July my aunt and uncle allowed their son, my sixteen-year-old cousin, to have a few friends over. The small gathering consisted of a few boys and two girls. At the end of the night the boys stayed over and the girls needed to make their way home. Unbeknownst to my uncle, […]

Yikes, My Crush and Ex Flame Are Friends

Have you ever been in a situation that you couldn’t anticipate, but you could’ve avoided, and somehow you didn’t? Let’s just start with the moment that I walked into the house party in Brooklyn. It was packed. A tad sweaty due to the summertime heatwave. But not even the heat could distract me from the […]

Is Cheating a Sign of Weakness?

There is a big bowl of soft, delicious, aromatic, fresh baked bread in your line of sight ready for you to dig in. You salivate at the thought of the bread and butter melting in your mouth. You can taste it. You’ve been on a carb free diet for the last month. Your hunger makes […]

A Groupie in Disguise At NBA All-Star

This year the NBA All-Star Game was held in New Orleans. It brought back memories of my very first All-Star weekend working at the NBA. I’d gone to All-Star in years past but New Orleans was like my initiation into the graduate school that is the NBA. I say graduate school because it is a […]

He Wanted To Date My Job, Not Me

I had to learn the hard way that every date is not a date. How so, you may ask. If it looks like a date, talks like a date, and the man pays like it’s a date…then one would likely look to call it a date. Right? I met him at an industry event and […]

Six Thoughtful Gestures To Make His/Her Valentine’s Day

During this time of year, many people are naturally cuddled up with a honey love due to the chill in the air. The frigid temperatures (especially on the east coast) increases the urge to want to snuggle up with someone special. America’s number one holiday for love, lust, and like, Valentine’s Day, is quickly approaching. […]

I Asked Him: How Can I Be A Better Woman?

At the start of each New Year, you witness countless numbers of people full of hope for the coming year and they tend to quote cliches like “New Year, New You.” There is just one problem. A new year with old habits is not a good combination. However, it’s certainly a realistic scenario. I’m not […]

Stalking Stories: I See You, But You Don’t See Me…

  I’ve joked in the past about stalking a guy’s life because I was interested in him. Let’s say our first date goes really well and my excitement leads me to want more information. In turn I may do a little harmless Google search. But really, I don’t have it in me to impose myself […]

Are Women More Loyal Than Men?

When the skeletons in your closet creep out and show their face in your relationship, things can get complex. At a recent Sippin’ Sassy event that I hosted in New York, guests discussed whether women were more loyal than men. The answer that consistently floated around was yes. That response was from male and female […]

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