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Barrington B. aka Mr. Be The Better™ is a Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainer. With his mantra that we all can "Be The Better" Barrington refuses to see anyone sell themselves short. All of Barrington's clients training is based on PERSONAL and SPECIFIC goals, needs, abilities and requirements. This personalized approach has yielded tremendous RESULTS and is continuing to propel Barrington onward and upward in the fitness industry.

A “Better” Diet

Wait!!!! This is not the usual diet article you’re used to. In this article, “Diet” doesn’t necessarily mean what you have been led to believe by all the fads and trends in the fitness industry. It DEF doesn’t mean to start cutting this and starving yourself from that.  Our new definition of diet is simply this: a […]

Day 1…Again? Three Ways To Avoid Falling Off The Workout Bandwagon

What’s up everyone? Hope all has been healthy! Ok let’s go get some RESULTS… Being fit and conscious of one’s health is becoming very popular! “Day 1”, “This Monday”, “Next week” are a few things I see way more often now than ever before. This is awesome for someone in my profession; people are taking […]

Eating Healthy: The #BeTheBetter Grocery List

“What should I eat?” Definitely one of the “most asked questions” in my field. This makes me happy because, if you are trying to achieve a fitness goal or a healthier lifestyle; THE ROAD STARTS IN YOUR KITCHEN! I don’t care how hard you workout or how much cardio you do, if your kitchen (dietary […]

Are You Better?

What’s up everyone? Hope you’re having a healthy day. Recently, I’ve been seeing way too many debates and quarrels between folks about who is more physically fit than the next person. So I decided to put together a full scale assessment, a #BeTheBetter meter, an elementary school flag day (Oh how I miss those – you […]

How to Get in Shape Fast So You Can Live Your Life

There are 168 hours in a week. Most doctors and fitness professionals recommend you dedicate ONLY 2-3 of those hours to exercise. Yet you still believe your schedule is “too busy” to workout. Being that I’m nonjudgmental *wink face*, I can understand how it may seem like a lot to make exercise a regular in your […]

Be the Better: How to Choose the Best Exercise for Your Workout

Last time I told you about 5 machines to stay away from. Then I left you for a while without giving you some exercises to embrace. SMH. You’re right. I need to “Be The Better.” Anyway, as I was about to give you a list of exercises you should do, I thought “Hmm, wouldn’t it be better to teach […]

The SBM #BeTheBetter Series: 5 Gym Machines To Avoid Like The Plague

What’s going on band?! Hope you all have been happy, healthy and better than you were yesterday. I was training a client this past week and this is the conversation that ensued during their rest period: Me: Alright, 25 seconds till your next set begins. Client: SIGHHHHHHH…. -_- pshhhh huff! OK. Me: (: Client: Quick […]

Who Wants Abs? 5 Ways To Get The Core That You Desire

What’s up everyone? First, thanks to the team at SBM for the opportunity to talk to you. Second, I’m now your Personal Trainer. I’m here to help you with answers to health and fitness questions/concerns. Finally, before this turns into an emo podium speech…If you read, then you believe there is ALWAYS room to improve yourself […]

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