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Celeste Little is a journalist; born, raised and living in New York City. She has reported and for Syracuse Woman Magazine, Realcity Magazine, Snax Magazine, The Jersey Journal and TheRoot.com. Celeste is also the editor and founder of ocaelo.com, The Blog Collective for Metropolitan America's Young and Colorful and currently works as a web editor for a local television station.

Debunking The Myth Of Doom For Single Black Women

  Unmarried, accomplished black women are an anomaly to mainstream America. Not unmarried white women or asian women or light-skinned Latinas. Just the black ones. So self-help articles are written, listing the things that these sorts of women should do to catch a man, providing examples of relationships that “beat the odds” to encourage them […]

Friends with Benefits Can Work. Here’s Why…

If you’re lucky, you’re f*cking someone you adore. You’re in a committed and monogamous relationship with this person and you can see marriage in the near or distant future. But if you’re not “lucky” right now — if you haven’t drunkenly stumbled, or gracefully sashayed into “the one” yet (and I say that with just […]

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