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Here’s How Russel Wilson Keeps The Good Guy vs Bad Guy Conversation Going

“Will He Wait In 2015?” was a piece that I wrote back in July here on SBM. The piece used the new relationship between Russell Wilson and Ciara as proof that there are men that will abstain from sex with the right woman. I spent most of that post reassuring celibate or prospective celibate women […]

The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: No Beginner’s Luck

 We’ve all made it! We’re past  Valentine’s Day and I sure hope it was an enjoyable one for you. Whether it  was you staying home and watching a phenomenal dunk contest, or missing everything for the sake of dinner…I do hope it was well spent. All jokes aside though, my weekend left me in a […]

Why It Is Okay To Not Like How Cam Newton Handled The Media

That was just to lighten the mood y’all. If it isn’t critiques about Beyonce’s performance, then it’s Cam Newton’s post game press conference that is the talk of the week. Many people have taken issue with Cam’s comments and how he abruptly walked off. If you haven’t seen any footage of this, check it out […]

Why “Hack A…” Is Fine As Is In The NBA

This week I am absolutely taking a page out of @iamjoesargent’s book. This week I am talking sports. For those who don’t know, I am an avid fan of basketball. Particularly, my favorite player of all time is Shaquille O’Neal. This is important because of  the opinions that I would like to express today. If […]

Why Loving Yourself Is More Than Just A Cliche

There is no shortage of Instagram posts about relationships. They range from joking about exes to $200 dates etc. I want to talk about breakups today. I want to talk about breakups and why loving yourself is the biggest component in getting over things. I know someone who recently broke up with a woman after […]

Starting Over Is A Drag, Can You Avoid That Feeling?

We have all been single at one point or another. In the wake of a breakup there’s an interim. In that time you hopefully take some time to heal if you need to. Hopefully you grow a bit in areas where it was necessary. But once all of that low key maintenance takes place, you’re […]

Why It’s Important To Smell Your Roses

And so it begins; the holiday season. In the wake of thanksgiving I come to you all a bit more introspective than usual. At the time of this writing I sit here just shy of a month before my 27th birthday. It’s usually at this time of year that we all reflect. The year in […]

How Do Men Avoid The “What Are We?” Question?

The last time I wrote here I gave my thoughts on a video that was produced by Buzzfeed. The video chronicled a woman hurt by a man who simply wasn’t honest with her. He hurt her by his lies and she felt the need to let people know that we all should be aware of […]

Do Men Care About Dogging Women?

Today I Nancy Kerrigan on thin ice with the stance I’ll take. You can always depend on Buzzfeed to bring you nuanced entertainment and information. I happen to enjoy most of their content. I particularly love their clips where they create these crazy recipes. Anyone who knows me  knows how sacred I find a knife […]

What I’d Want The Mother Of My Child To Be Like

Recently I reposted a video on my Instagram page which was a scene from the movie Malcolm X. It was a scene where Malcolm was talking to Betty about the rebuilding of a nation. He stated that the foundation of a nation lies within a woman. “The mother is the first teacher of the child, […]

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