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How Black Sexuality is Viewed in America

  This picture is worth way more than 1,000 words. Last week, the above map was retweeted onto my TL.  It claims to show the most searched “sex terms” by region. Later in the week, Russell Simmons released a spoof of a sextape featuring Harriet Tubman.  Most people who’ve viewed the tape took umbrage with […]

The Strain of Being Mr. Nice Guy

There’s always talk about Mr. Nice Guy (MNG).  He’s the guy who, depending on the severity of his niceness, is either related to or the same as the man who saves.  MNG can end up in the the dreaded Friend Zone quicker than a virgin experiencing his first orgasm (or so I heard).  But, what […]

Husbands…and The Friendzone

*Let’s get this out the way now.  There is a subset of married men who thinks it’s possible for them to be friendzoned.  Where this thinking comes from?  I have no idea.  By it’s very essence, the concept is almost impossible.  And yet, some men hold this particular pseudo-truth to be self-evident.* No doubt you’re […]

The Saved Zone

*Fade in* Scene:  a holding area on a cargo ship filled with women.  There are men milling around the deck, looking down into the cargo hold.  Each man has singled out a woman that they want to rescue.  The men don’t know that the women are in fact, not in danger.  Unbeknownst to the women, […]

An Anecdote Of A Sloppy Cheater

**the following is a cautionary tale** The other day, I was talking to a guy who said he’s been “off his game” lately.  I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about at first, but the more he talked, I started to understand where his story was going.  One of the first rules of working […]

Six Lessons: Advice for Fathers to Be

Now that Mother’s Day is officially over, the next (approximately) 30 days are the lead in to the one day where most people take time out to give Dad a lil’  bit of extra love. This will especially ring true for all the men who will be celebrating their first official Father’s Day (like Mr. […]

Chris Broussard, Political Correctness, and Staying True to Your Beliefs

By now, most people have heard or read about veteran NBA player Jason Collins revealing that he is gay.  It’s only newsworthy because Collins is a current and not retired player, as John Amaechi was when he revealed that he was gay.  Generally, the news was met with congratulatory remarks and vows of support.  ESPN even […]

Why Telling Your Ex ‘I Just Want You To Be Happy” Is A Lie

There’s one conversation we hate having with that one ex who always could make us feel that way.   Especially if they know their former bf/gf has a new #him or #her.  I’m not talking about a specifically sexual way, even though they probably were top shelf with that as well.  I’m talking about the feeling where the two of us felt like Darius […]

The Government, Child Support, and Backwards Thinking

Last week, WIM posted two articles concerning child support.  One was from a man’s point of view and the other from a woman’s.  It should’ve been expected that each gender would have differing views on the topic.  Somewhat surprisingly, there were people in the comment sections of each piece that agreed with the other sex’s […]

Co-parenting: When One Of The Parents is Gay

*Before anybody gets all politically correct, and says I’m intolerant, some things need to be understood.  I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  These beliefs are the foundation of how I view the world.  As such, I’ll be the first to say that yes, God is Love.  At the same time, God also has precepts […]

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