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The Pressure of St. Valentine’s Day

We’re coming up on the that great bastion of love for some, heartache for others, and general indifference for the rest. That’s right, I’m talking about *cue ominous sound effects* St. Valentine’s Day. Before I go any further, let me say I am not inherently against Valentine’s Day. I’m all for love being celebrated between […]

The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility

Where is your personal responsibility? What got me thinking about this was an article in The Washington Post about abortion.  This isn’t the place for a discourse about what side of the abortion debate we fall on.  As with everything else in life, it’s a multi-layered answer.  However, what struck me in the article was […]

Why Men Lie When They Could Easily Tell the Truth

A few Saturdays ago, some coworkers and I were having a discussion. It was a few men and women of varying ages. The subject turned to “why men lie so much.” Now, I’m not the guy to get into this discussion heavily on most days. This Saturday wasn’t a usual day though. I asked two […]

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Black Women Who Date White Men

Lisa Turtle.  Zack Morris.  They were two characters from the early ’90s sitcom Saved By The Bell.  Most people 28 and older remember it. During the show’s run, I, and I’m sure many other boys, had a serious crush on Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa.  She had some valley girl tendencies, but who cared?  Lisa […]

An Open Letter: My Response to “Stop Calling Sh*t Fatherless”

The other day, I came across an article entitled Stop Calling Sh*t Fatherless. The majority of the points made in the article I actually agreed with. The term itself is derogatory at best and inflammatory at worst. People toss it around flippantly on social media (I’m looking at you Twitter), and it has found its way […]

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