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Can You Be Satisfied From No Strings Attached Sex?

So, I read this article recently that discussed whether or not women are capable of enjoying No Strings Attached (NSA) Sex. Now, I take issue with the theme of this article for one critical reason: the title assumes and generalizes that all men enjoy NSA. The article itself touched on the point that many men […]

Why Are We All Looking For The Same Person And Relationship?

I had a conversation with this dude who grew up in a religious household. As an adult, he does not follow his old, strictly religious way of life. He enjoys having sexual relationships with porn stars and strippers and engages in threesomes and all sorts of other sexually adventurous activity. But he’s in his early […]

Are Your Assets Depreciable?

  In terms of dating, is what you bring to the table valuable? To find out, make a list of 3-5 of your very best qualities. These are the attributes that set you, as a man, apart from other men (or in the case of women, set you apart from other women). For each quality […]

Don’t Be Thirsty: Be Hard To Impress

In part one: How A Man Can Avoid The Friend-Zone, I explained the upper hand a man could get by not being thirsty or in other words by being hard to impress. As I’ve stated in the past, women view a thirsty man in the same way that men view gold diggers. On the flip […]

How A Man Can Avoid The Friend-Zone

Men get friend zoned for one reason and one reason only: they’re too available. When you’re friend-zoned by someone, they know that no matter what, they can always depend on you as a plan B if all of their other less available options don’t work out. Whether we like it or not, that’s just the […]

How To Tell If A Man Is Bad In Bed Using Social Media

In Part One (How to Turn Her On), we examined the qualities that are critical to a woman’s genuine sexual arousal and satisfaction. I am stressing the word “genuine” because whether we like it or not, most women at one time or another have faked it. So even though you may believe you have left […]

How To Turn Her On

Contrary to popular belief, sex is not merely a physical act. Particularly for women, sex is highly mental and emotional. Now, I hesitate to describe sex as an emotional act for women because this is always misconstrued by men to mean that women are not capable of having “no strings attached sex” and that sex […]

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