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This is the official guest account for SBM. We love having people over, but don't eat the big piece of chicken, n sh*t.

So That’s Why I’m Still Single?!

“I can see why you’re still looking for a man,” he said. Let me set the scene of the crime, because you know the brother’s life was at stake as soon as the words left his mouth. It was a Sunday afternoon, right after church. The pastor had just preached on, “Supernatural Confidence.” At least […]

Single, Married, and Separated, Oh My!

“Are you going out there to dance?” he asked. It was a Friday night and I was in the mood to shake my groove thang! Yep, I might be a little old and corny, but hey, it’d been that kind of week. Not a bad week, just long and I needed to let loose and […]

He Will or He Won’t: 5 Reasons Why He Didn’t Call

“This is my friend Kristin,” she said. My girls and I went out last month for our Secret Santa exchange. Yes, my friends are cool and we do gift exchanges! We had an awesome time and I got a great gift! After dinner, we decided to head up to the bar to “mingle” A.K.A. sit […]

10 Ways to Celebrate No Shave November aka Movember!

  It’s that time of the year again, when men tap into their more masculine side by obtaining as much hair on their face as possible — for a good cause of course. In October there is a celebration of boob health, but in November (also known as No Shave November or Movember) there is […]

Tough Love: A Black Woman’s Open Letter To Hip-Hop

This past Monday Vh1 aired a special called “Out in Hip-Hop” which basically was an open forum on what it means to be gay in today’s Hip-Hop culture. During this special DMC of Run DMC stated, “In Hip-Hop we disrespect the hell out of our women, so what do you think they’ll do to a […]

7 Deceptive ‘Health’ Foods That Are Making You Fat

All of us have realized that we must try and live healthy. We have made the necessary changes in our dietary patterns to lead a healthier life. We switched over to health foods and cereals, energy bars, diet sodas, and frozen low-calorie foods. However, how many of us know if the health food we eat […]

Confession of a “Church Girl”: Stereotype or Struggle

“So you’re a church girl,” he said. I laughed to myself. Here we go. “No, I’m Christian who happens to be a woman,” I said. I’m a preacher’s daughter and grew up in church all of my life. Now I’m fully aware of the stereotype and misconceptions that come with being the “church girl”. Let […]

Aging Spurs Bow Out in First Round of Playoffs: End of a Dynasty?

The San Antonio Spurs were eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs Saturday night after losing a thrilling game 7 to the L.A. Clippers. Despite battling in the most exciting series of the tournament, losing to a Clippers squad that is a top-3 favorite to win the title as shown by bookmakers associated […]

Happy Wife, Happy Life?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this phrase, I still wouldn’t be rich, but I could go on one hell of an Amazon shopping spree. But my first stop would probably be the liquor store, because whenever I hear it, that’s the only thing preventing me from strangling the offending party. […]

The Art and Science of Mixing and Matching Your Suit Style

  Suits make getting dressed simple. Don’t believe us? Just consider wearing suit jacket separate from your trousers to look sharp and put-together. In fact, wearing suit separates is one secret weapon of the true stylish men but you need to know the basics to remix the suit and steal their killer look. In this […]

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