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Rich, Educated, and Connected?

The recent number of news stories about San Francisco is food for thought. Tensions between the tech elite and San Francisco residents have started to spiral. You only have to look at the glass attack and the recent targeting of Kevin Rose. One of the more troubling technology stories to come out of the past […]

The verified twitter account, the VIP of the online world?

Its already starting to happen… and you knew it would (or at least I knew it would) You know what its like, your in the queue for the club and some small outfit walks straight pass you and your friends. You look at them and go back to your conversation with friends. They walk to […]

Tipping in the United States vs. the United Kingdom: Who Gets It Right?

A Cornell professor has written a lot of papers about tipping, with some interesting results for the urban male. Now I know living in the United Kingdom we don’t tip, anywhere as much as Americans. Not only that, the percentage we tip is far below the scale of the U.S. But I’ve spent a lot […]

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