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This article is written by Jay Cooke, the newest contributor to Single Black Male (SBM) family. Jay Cooke is a managing partner on BarronNetwork.com. When he is not in the board room doing his 8am-9pm thing (Wall Street hours), he is watching sports and working on something sports related. If you have ever gone into a bar and you saw an emotional man in the corner crying due to the result of a sports game, you have had the pleasure of meeting Jay Cooke. Follow him on twitter: @JayC00ke (twitter name has two zeros in the middle)

Can Lebron James Be the Greatest of All Time WITHOUT an NBA Championsh​ip?

Welcome to another Thursday edition of the Cooke Chronicles.  A man always remembers the highpoints of his life: the first pair of Jordans he owned, his first kiss, the first woman who paid for a meal for him, the first time he had a dream about that special one (O, Stacey Dash). You remember all these […]

SBM Sports: Round 2 NBA Playoff Predictions – Eastern Conference

As we head into the second round of the NBA Playoffs, I can’t help but to reflect on all of the injuries that occurred in the first round.  An injury to Derrick Rise is the only reason I did not receive a 100% on my first round Eastern Conference predictions…smh!  Anyway, it’s time for Joe […]

SBM Sports: Is Mayweather’s Mind In It to Win It This Weekend?

Welcome SBM to Jay Cooke’s Sports Thursday.  I am looking to pack a mean punch today. What plans do you have for this Saturday on Cinco de Mayo? BBQ? Clubbing? Watching Mo’ Money several times just to see a young Stacy Dash? This weekend’s Mayweather/ Cotto fight may not make the top of your list […]

SBM Sports: NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

As the regular season ends in the NBA, the playoffs are set to begin and Joe Sargent and I plan on providing our SBM readers with round by round analysis. Joe is leading the analysis on the Western Conference while I am leading the analysis on the Eastern Conference. The playoffs are where legends are […]

SBM Sports: Jay Cooke’s 2012 NBA MVP Predictions

As the NBA season draws to an end, it is time to give out post season awards.  Why not start with the most coveted individual award, Most Valuable Player.  The NBA is estimated to have around 425 players active this season so the chance of a player winning the MVP award is 1/425.  Aside from […]

SBM Sports – March Madness: Final Four Edition

She convinced me that she addressed her issues and that this time would be different. I believed her and it seemed like we were on the right track. Even our communication was the best it’d been in a while. However, as hard as we tried, it all led back to heartbreak. It hurts. I know […]

SBM Sports: Tis the Season of March Madness Experts!

Salutations to all the SBM readers. I am Jay Cooke and I would like to thank the SBM staff for giving me the opportunity to start off their sports section. As a guest contributor, I plan on bringing you informative, exciting and conversational sports articles, just like at my site BarronNetwork.com. I feel like my […]

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