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Joe is a lover of sports and a marketing machine. His only hope is to see the Pistons return to greatness. Follow him on Twitter @iamjoesargent for musings about live sports events and other random happenings on TV.

I Think I’m Rooting for Duke to be Good Again…Let Me Explain

Like any rational sports fan, I hate Duke basketball. They’re the worst. Always on TV. Never playing road games outside of the ACC. Always with a punchable-face-having white guy. Bleh. But I had a realization while watching Duke lose to Louisville this weekend… This team just isn’t as hate-able as the rest. I can’t stand […]

A Quarter Season Recap: The Best of Times and Worst of Times in the NBA

What a time to be an NBA fan! We’re a month into the season and have a team on pace for 82-0 AND 0-82 somehow. Since it has been a minute since I’ve written around these parts, it’s time to check in on all things NBA. Here are 6 things worth-a-shit and ain’t-shit so far: […]

We Went There…Is Atlanta Really a Sports Cesspool? An SBM Investigation

“Atlanta is a sport cesspool.” – @JeffJSays I mean, that’s easy to say. Atlanta sports fans get a bad rap, and without really knowing that’s an easy statement to accept on its face. But is it true? That’s what I set to find out last weekend. I had the good fortune of going to Atlanta […]

4 Easy & Completely Reasonable Things RG3 Should Do to Reclaim His Career

Look, I love Robert Griffin III. I really hope he figures it out and becomes a productive quarterback once again. So I’m not here to criticize his play (which has been bad since the end of his rookie season), or figure out what other teams should try to get him (been done to death). I’m […]

No But Seriously, I Think I’m Picking the Dallas Cowboys for the Super Bowl :-/

I teased this last week, but it’s officially time to come clean: I think the Dallas Cowboys will do well this season. Like…really well. *dons flame suit* As a Detroit Lions fan, I’m well aware of how stupid it is to put your faith in a team that will surely let you down. When the […]

Three and a Half Stories to Look Forward to This NFL Season

With the annual Hall of Fame game in the books, the 2015 NFL season has officially started(!!). Time to shift from “I wish football was back” tweets to “(fill in the blank) looked really good in training camp!” tweets. Soon we’ll get tweets about actual, you know, games. But until then, we’ll look ahead to […]

Introducing the Calvin Candie Scale of Racism in Sports!

Took a week off from SBM during the slow sports month of July and everyone decided to go all 12 Years a Slave! In case you missed it, Hulk Hogan, Colin Cowherd, and Charles Haley (of all people) decided to collectively step in it over racial topics the past few days. Each made a fool […]

Time to Settle This: Serena Williams is the GOAT feat. Shamira Ibrahim

This past weekend, Serena Williams won Wimbledon for the sixth time after (relatively) easily beating Garbine Muguruza. Unhappy simply enjoying the moment, the question came back to mind… Is Serena the greatest ever? Thing is, I’ve never really set about answering this question. So without years of research to rely on, I did the next […]

With Mo Williams on Board, Who Else Should GM LeBron James Bring to Cleveland?

Big news out of the NBA this week as free agency kicked off. Most importantly, I was right…again! Also, late Monday night Mo Williams agreed to re-join LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is hilarious for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the avalanche of tweets you all dug up […]

Here’s Why LaMarcus Aldridge has to Sign With the Spurs

Took a breather after a long NBA season. To sum it up quickly: I was right. LeBron James may have proved as much in losing as he would if he won. Somehow we’re already turning the page to next season, and that begins with the Draft and Free Agency. Last week’s draft came and went […]