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About the author: Jontae Grace is a 27 year old, single father of 1 son. His blog, “My $0.02″ can be found at http://jontaegrace.com, and has a free app in the Google Play Store (search My $0.02). A graduate of the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!), his literary goal is to empower people to take control of their social and romantic relationships. Website: http://jontaegrace.com Facebook: facebook.com/my02cents Twitter: @my_02cents Google Play Store (free app): My $0.02

How to Set and Enforce Standards in Your Relationships

By Jontae Grace If love is our native state, why does it feel so foreign at times? Inner-city American environments can seem like a Darwinian experiment gone wrong: warped affection, love from multiple sources, suppressing our will for another’s, and more. These mutations can produce abnormal arrangements that we accept for no other reason than […]

Possession With Intent: How To Submit for the Sake of Love

That devastating moment when you get caught for Possession with Intent. You thought you were gonna enjoy recreational use of a woman’s romantic and sexual energies, and keep your freedom at the same damn time.  Or maybe, as a woman, you enjoyed the financial attention a man paid you, in denial of the fact that […]

Pharoahs in Fitteds: Young Black Royalty

Remy bottles, joint roaches, maybe even something more high-powered in your rotation. Is it wrong to medicate? Sure, maybe. But when you feel powerless to change dismal circumstances, it is very possible to have good intentions, and yet behave with a bent moral compass.  It’s so cold in this life, so many angles that must […]

The Urgency of Love

An interesting trade-off between between youth and maturity is the outlook on time, and risk. When young, it feels like you have all the time in the world to play; consequently, the young tend to take more risks which result in more mistakes, and also more progress. As they age, they realize the fragility of […]

Aloneliness: Identifying and Avoiding “Relationship” Desperation

Laying there at night, taking inventory of your life between self-induced orgasms, it is inevitable that you will think on a past relationship and ask yourself, “did I fumble?” Hindsight is always 20/20; coulda-woulda-shoulda’s abound when you look back at experiences that seemed muddled at the time. Now, everything appears exceedingly clear: you should have […]

Cooperation: The Only Way Forward in Relationships

In the hundreds of ways in which men and women interact within a relationship, there are several elements that make it work. If you ask ten couples about the single most important element of their success, you might get seven different answers. But one quality in particular is a root cause of relationship success and […]

Politics of the Side-Piece

In observance of Side Piece Day coming up on Neverary 32nd, we need to take a moment to appreciate how far the side-piece has progressed. She was the catalyst exposing one of the deepest mayoral corruption scandals in US history: that of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. These days, she can take her ‘talents’ to […]

Pharaoh Class: How to Attract a Superwoman

As you approach the Pharaoh phase of your life, in which your stars are aligned and your personal/professional affairs are at their peaks, you’re probably done playing with shallow girls and ready for a real empress. The player period is over and your jersey has been inducted into the Hall of Game. That doesn’t mean […]

The Ex Factor: How to Pick Your Next Mate

Most of us have at least one cringe-worthy skeleton in our closet. But have you ever had an ex who makes you congratulate yourself for your excellent standards? You know, the “she was hella fine, had money, and I used to BEAT THE BREAKS OFF that ting” type of ex? I have, because I started […]

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