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Streetz is the Social Media Director & weekly contributor for SBM. He writes on the net a lot. He's a cool dude with a cool perspective on life. He also hates writing in the 3rd person!!! Check out his latest E-book, Fly on the Wall at http://streetztalk.net/FOTW

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Ep. 1: “The List”

Comedian Mike Brown has been playing a masterful game of “Stay Low & Build” while working on his craft. The result is a new web series “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. In this series fans can expect a fast-paced comedy vignettes featuring vibrant characters all set in Harlem, NY. The first season of CAN’T STOP, WON’T […]

The Funniest #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat Memes You Need To See!

Last night, Drake released the visual to his hit song “Hotline Bling“, and the internet went insane. Some were in a frenzy over Dram’s declaration that Drake’s single is a rip off of “Cha Cha”. Others were in tears over the variety of dance moves that Drake put on display. Drake has been both a […]

Single Black Mail Episode 3: Cheaters Remorse

Cheaters need to heal too, right? Jeff assists a young man get over his regrets in the latest Single Black Mail Episode 3: Cheaters Remorse: #SBMail

Single Black Mail Episode 2: Friends With Benefits

Jeff J. tackles friends with benefits in Single Black Male Episode 2: Friends With Benefits #SBMail

Single Black Mail Episode 1: “The Rekindle”

For years, we’ve answered readers questions via email and posted them on the site in hopes of helping our fellow readers, and anyone really, with any dating/relationship issues they face. Following the enormous digital media wave, we thought it would be natural to progress to video! Allow us to introduce the inaugural episode of the digital […]

Win Your Very Own Evarii Watch!

As any man who cares about his style would agree, accessories are the cherry on top to any outfit. In fact, those small complimentary pieces to your ensemble could enhance or detract, depending on how you put it all together. Watches are personally my weapon of choice to complete my fashion cypher, and the good […]

The Fallacy Of Performance Reviews

The Corporate world can break you if you aren’t vigilant. The “performance review” culture is all pomp, no circumstance. You get an initial review, and supervisors give you subsequent “feedback” which involves your strengths, your improvement points and your rating. If you perform to standard, you will more than likely be “baselined”, or receive an average rating (i.e., 3 out […]

Gemini Dream Weekend 2014 Recap

  What’s Good I had the extreme pleasure of representing the SBM team in the beautiful country of Bermuda for Gemini Dream Weekend last month. I’ve heard about this event last year and wanted to make sure I was in attendance this time around. I heard the stories and saw the pictures, but NOTHING is […]

Gamer’s Life: Episode 2

  The Dusty Cartridges team is back with episode 2 of Gamer’s Life! In this episode we preview Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which looks like a dope installment in the series. PS4 fans should be interested in seeing our synopsis of Infamous: Second Son.  For our Throwback Game of the Week we take a look […]

Gamer’s Life: Episode 1 – Watch Dogs Preview

Gamer’s Life is a new web series from DustyCartridges.com, where we profile the latest video games and hottest gadgets you may want to add to your collection. When a gaming convention or special event occurs, we will be there to provide coverage! The show is hosted by yours truly, and I’m excited for this latest venture. […]

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