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10 Posse Cuts That Make You Miss 90’s Hip-Hop

Earlier this week, I decided to do something I almost never do – let my music shuffle on my smartphone as I made my way to work. As I’m shuffling, not one, not two, but three classic, 90’s ‘posse cuts’ happened to play. This got me to thinking, whatever happened to the posse cut? Some […]

Before You Get Married: The 5 Relationships Everyone Has Before You Find The One

Behind every married man or woman there usually can be found a number of men and women who, at some point, thought they might be the one but were lost along the way. We rarely talk about these relationships, these stepping stones to the altar because ultimately, marriage is the holy grail of relationships; once […]

Cat Calling Pick Up Lines: Is ‘Street Harassment’ Ever Acceptable?

A couple weeks back, Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux started a doozy of a trending topic with #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen. The hashtag addressed black male privilege and the ways some black men can be ignorant of the difficulties that sometimes come with being both black, and a woman in America. One of the issues that came up as folks responded was the cat […]

What My Boomerang Sequel Might Look Like

So last night, Boomerang came on Encore, and of course, I had to watch. Boomerang is one of those flicks that it’s impossible to turn the channel from. Watching it last night, 21 years after it’s original release, I couldn’t help but think how amazing a Boomerang Sequel might be. Apparently, I’m not the only […]

How Romany Malco And Don Lemon Got Trayvon Martin Wrong

As the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchmen who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, settles into the American conscience, everyone – and I mean everyone – seems to have an opinion on the case and its surrounding issues. Two voices, however, have jumped out from the crowd and declared themselves louder […]

Jay-Z, Harry Belafonte: Hov Responds To Civil Rights Icon On Magna Carta Holy Grail

Jay-Z has finally responded to Harry Belafonte. As the rest of the Non-Samsung having and non-album-bootlegging world settles into the rapper’s latest effort, Magna Carta Holy Grail, critics, fans, and everyone in between are dissecting Hov’s every move. There’s been much said about his shot at Miley Cyrus’ culturally appropriative ‘twerking’ (and her obviously oblivious […]

The Corleone Theory: What The Godfather Can Teach You About Every Man You’ll Ever Meet

As a child, watching Francis Ford Coppola’s cinematic classic The Godfather and its sequels was a rite of passage. The men in my family forced me to watch them long before I was ever really old enough to understand them, and over time – they came to hold a particularly special place in my heart. […]

Five Things About Men I’ll Teach My Son

Two months ago, Mrs. Most and I had our first child — a boy. Prior to being a parent however, I often found myself watching parents with their kids and couldn’t help but picture myself with my own miniature version of myself. I often thought about what kind of parent I’d be and what nuggets […]

It Ain’t All That Deep: Kanye West, New Slaves, And Race Matters In Cultural Criticism

So I came across this blog post today – and started to read it because a few high-minded folks I know were talking about it. It took me a long time to get through it, not just because of it’s length, but also because I got hung up thinking about the below except for a […]

10 Jay-Z Quotes Applicable On The Street Or In The Boardroom

For a certain generation of young, professional folks of color, Jay-Z’s lyrics have provided more than just entertainment. Many of us, born on blocks our friends never made it off of, raised in an era where our older brothers, uncles, and sometimes our fathers were hustlers, but reared to understand the value of educating ourselves […]

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