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TheSUNK is the Weekly Contributor for SingleBlackMale.org TheSUNK.com or "the Sh!t U Need 2 Know" is a NSFW blog based on the explicit discussion of sex, relationships, and social commentary. It’s "Where Your Bedroom Voice is Welcomed…" TheSUNK is a native of Chicago and a current Howard University student.

5 Things He’s Just Not Big Enough For [Snippet]

This is probably one of those posts that my less endowed brethren should stay away from. It could possibly hurt your pride and turn you off from sex altogether. It’s alot of women out there making due with what you have and loving you anyway. However, you shouldn’t make it harder on her by believing/pretending […]

Have You Ever Brought Food Into the Bedroom?

Dear theSUNK, I’ll start off by saying I never thought I would use food in the bedroom! With that being said I’ll share with you how that filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a lobster tail got me into a sticky situation. What’s funny about this story is I had no intention on sleeping with […]

3 Tips for Men on How to Show Support to the Woman in Your Life

So she says you don’t motivate her? You think you do, but she says it’s not the way that she wants you to motivate her. You both may be right. This is what I thought when I saw Love and Hip Hop, while Brandi and Max Boyd were in the studio. He was trying to […]

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Music for Sex

Compile a playlist, add a song or two every day. It’s hard to think about 50 songs on the spot, but if you compile songs consistently when the time presents itself, you’ll already be set. Your playlist is a feeling process, so when you hear songs that put you in the mood add them immediately. […]

5 Things Every Artist Needs to Know About Themselves

I haven’t penned a post for you guys in awhile. During my time away from the keyboard, I’ve realized a few things about myself and others- I believe we are all artists in our own ways, because every human being is expressive. Coming to the realization or recognizing how we express ourselves is a different topic […]

Can You Upgrade from an Ex?

Is there ever really a such thing as an upgrade or downgrade in dating and if there is what is the criteria for an upgrade? Of course when you break up with an ex, most of us don’t want to see them move on with someone more attractive, more accomplished or with more money- that’s […]

Decriminalize Marijuana in the Bedroom: Which is Better Drunk or High Sex?

You know that most of us believe sex to be one of the greatest wonders this world has had to offer. However, the funny part is that as people we are always in the pursuit of making what we have better. Because we always believe there is a better, like “sex would better, if we tried […]

Part 2: 10 Other Things Black Men Look for in a Wife

 Here’s the second half to 10 Things Black Men Look for in a Wife. This was definitely a long list, but something that’s worth sharing and discussing. I would love for a woman to write a response to this with 20 Things Black Women Look for in a Husband. Sexually Satisfy Does he have sex with […]

Part 1: 10 Things Black Men Look for in a Wife

Are You Wife Material or a Wifey happens to be my third most read post to date on theSUNK.com. Not only do women want to be successful in their careers, but ultimately they want to be boo’d up, to find a man, get married, have great sex and have beautiful children. The last post was said to be vague, and it left some readers more […]

Don’t Sweat Her Over Dessert: Why Women Think Men are Cheap- [Revisited]

*This is a great time to revisit this post, since last Friday Dr. J is advocated taking women you’ve just met for $200 dates. I think you should put more effort into the planning more so than the spending. Read this old goodie about how I think men should view dates.* A few nights ago I was […]

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