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I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

The Top Five Obama Quotes from the Last Presidential Debate

Like many people across the country, I was anticipating Monday night’s debate. President Obama slept-walked through the first one. The second debate saw an invigorated incumbent who, off the heels of his vice president’s strong showing, demonstrated that he in fact could debate and debate well. With the presidential debates essentially tied, I tuned in […]

Reverse Discrimination: Affirmative Action From the Other Side

Last week the internet was buzzing over Abigail Fisher suing the University of Texas over what she claimed to be reverse discrimination. In Fisher v. University of Texas, Fisher says that her race was held against her. “I’m hoping that they’ll completely take race out of the issue in terms of admissions and that everyone […]

Strange Fruition: Finding My Own Truth in Lupe Fiasco’s Lyrics

Last week Mr. Spradley wrote a review of Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part I. He discusses his overall views of Lupe as well as some critiques and praises of the album. In our discussion of Lupe’s work, I told him I was thinking of doing a post on […]

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney: The Women Beside the Men

A couple of weeks ago as the Republican and Democratic National Conventions were taking place I got a chance to see Ann Romney and Michelle Obama give speeches in support of their husbands’ bid to win the 2012 presidential nomination. I jokingly tweeted during Ann Romney’s speech that I would love to see a First […]

One of the Best Decisions of My Life

When I started graduate school, I knew I wanted to do sickle cell anemia research. My mother, three brothers and sister possess the trait, and I have two cousins who are living with the disease. Sickle cell is a condition that I am very passionate about because it affects a lot of people close to […]

It’s Time to Talk About Gun Control Laws in the United States

Whenever a tragedy happens such as what occurred in Aurora, Colorado, our nation becomes polarized on the issues that lead to such a disaster. We discuss mental illness and the signs that were missed. Movies (Batman in 2012 and the Matrix in 1999) are scrutinized as catalysts for violence. Theorists and experts are interviewed to […]

Urban Life: Immune to the City. Nothing Can Phase Me.

“You haven’t grown accustomed to New York until you can see the illest sh*t ever and it doesn’t phase you.” I forgot who gave me this advice when I first moved to New York eleven months ago, but I surely didn’t believe it. There was no way a person could see some of the things […]

Jerry Sandusky and Child Molestation – Some Personal Reflections

As the jury deliberated I thought back to when the news first broke of what Jerry Sandusky did to the children whose care he was entrusted. I only had two emotions: compassion and rage. I felt rage because I believe it’s cowardly for a grown person to rob a young person of their innocence.  There […]

Stop & Frisk: Racial Profiling Or Keeping Us Safe?

This past Sunday morning when I woke up, I had some decisions to make on how I wanted to plan my day. I had to spend a couple hours in the lab finishing up some experiments, I had a playoff basketball game, and I had caught wind of a silent march that was taking place […]

Generation Y: Why We Rent When We Could Buy

The homie WisdomIsMisery pointed an article on Huffington Post my way the other day that was really intriguing. This article discusses the fallout of Millennials (Generation Y or ppl born from mid 1970s-early 1990s) choosing to rent rather than buy homes, and the potential trickle down effect this has on our economy. I found this […]

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