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  1. I want a mans option and advice! I have been married for 8 years and 4 years ago I found out my husband had been cheating the first 4 years of our marraige, supposedly with “3” different women. He was caught in the act of setting up a hook up time and 2nd attempt with the 3rd woman through his emails. A little bit of history. I was his first girlfriend ever (we were 19 when we met) and we married 4 years after we met, and had a child 3 years after we married. He has low self esteem and always told me he never had sex with many girls, and feels he missed out, basically on being a hoe. I saw all these as little red flags but he has a good spirit and many other great factors I overlooked them at the time. There are a few other things but I feel I could be typing all day. So I just wanna know, I always knew that he had a need for gratification and love but I always thought I was enough to give that, but obviously not. I just had our 2nd child, and over the last 4 years I have realized I have not gotten past it enough and I think I will never forgive him. I don’t think that need he has will ever go away, and based on some of his comments since this all happened, he just believes all men want to have sex with as many girls as possible, and that is how they feel like a man and feel wanted. I have been wanting a divorce and I feel we may have grown apart but I don’t wanna break up my family either. I have only stayed because of my kid(s) and to TRY to forgive, and five a 2nd chance but I have lost trust and he probably won’t ever earn it back. Outside of this we never had any other issues. I wanna know if I should stay and keep trying to forgive, or leave and break up this family? I took it hard that it had already been 3 women when I found out( maybe more for all
    I know). What should I do

  2. I recently started dating man that I met through twitter. It’s been long-distance (more like middle-distance) because I am finishing my degree in Pittsburgh and he lives in Atlantic City. We both grew up in the same area and share mutual friends so it’s not your potential-catfish scenario. We plan visits and appreciate all the time we could spend together. Through FaceTime we’ve acquainted ourselves with each other’s parents and while they are supportive, his friends seem to be way more negative. Furthermore, they are taking a guy’s trip to Miami.
    Should I be nervous about him being isolated with his friends and their opinions? In addition, how should girlfriends handle the notorious ‘guys’ trip?’

  3. am a high school boy in our school we have many functions but when i start talking with a girl i dont have any interesting story to tell her .which stores can i introduce

  4. Dear SBM,

    Ever since I been working at my new job (I started in Sept of 13), I been eyeing a guy that I thought was attractive and nice. He’s 28, divorced with 2 children he has sole custody of. Earlier this year (around November), I asked him for his number after a few group lunches. He gave it to me with a smile. I texted him one weekend with no response. I assumed he wasnt interested and stopped pursuing. Lately I thought I be more direct and ask him on a formal date. I asked him if he was dating anyone and he said “no”. I asked if he would go out with me and he sat back in his chair, smiled, and said “yea we can do that.” He paid for the tickets then and there and asked me if I wanted to grab dinner too. Long story short the date was nice. He’s very shy but he definitely talked alot during our date. We went to the movies and I wanted to test him so I slipped my arm thru his. I didnt look at him when I did it but he didn’t move away. After the movies, he took me back to my car and I gave him a hug.

    On Monday I asked if he wanted to go to the gun range. He said that his brother was coming into town wasnt sure how long he was staying. He also said guns wasnt his thing. I said thats cool, whenever you are free maybe we could do something else. He said “yea yea”in his usual tone.

    He’s very shy and I have been told that he’s not the type to initiate. After our date I texted him that I had a good time and I hope I didnt freak him out by grabbing his arm. I also said that I hope we could go out again. No response just like the first time. He seems honest dispite his shyness and I figured if he wasn’t truly interested, he would just say so. I dont want to seem all different so I may pop in his office from time to time to say hi. I was thinking of giving him a call sometime this weekend to chat.

    My question is, how do I play this? I never dated a guy at work plus im shy myself when I like someone. It also doesnt help that I been dating online most of my life and it has hindered my interpersonal skills. I can see that he has simular issues. He doesnt make too much eye contact and it always seems like he is passive. However, I heard that he’s like that with everyone. How can I tell if he is truly interested or just being nice?



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