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Can Bernie Sanders Win The Black Vote?

Bernie Sanders’ victory in the New Hampshire primary and his close second place finish in the Iowa caucuses prove only one thing: he can win in states that are overwhelming white. In Nevada, he came in behind Hillary Clinton; but in the polling, Sanders did better than expected among the state’s Latinos and its rather […]

Hollywood’s Invisible Men

“I am an invisible man…I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” So begins Ralph Ellison’s extraordinary novel about being black in mid-twentieth century America. And like the great intellectual hero of Invisible Man, the talents and abilities of today’s black film artists (both men and women) go unrecognized and ignored. The […]

Calling all Writers! Join Team SBM!

SingleBlackMale.org is an established name in the blogging world. The site was built on a focus of dating & relationship topics aimed at African-Americans, but also provides pop culture, sports, and other popular types of articles. We’ve been featured in Essence, Black Enterprise, Madame Noire and other publications and manage an active youtube channel. We […]

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