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The Re-Appearing Ex

Another reader looking for information and enlightenment. While I can get it started, we all know the truth will come out in the comments. Make sure to pitch in. Don’t forget to email your questions to sbm@singleblackmale.org and check out our responses to all of our reader questions by clicking here. Hello Single Black Male, I […]

She Wants A Strong Black Man! Is That Weird?

Keep the letters coming. Well written, relationship & dating focused, and in need of advice. Why wait? Send your question to sbm@singbleblackmale.org. We’ll say something, but the SBM family will say more. Hey Single Black Male, How are you? I’m a 25 year old woman, who has a great job as an engineer. I take […]

Why can’t HE just be my Friend With Benefits?

Don’t forget that you too can have your question answered by one of the SBM staff, in addition to several thousand readers by sending a short, well written and explanative question to sbm@singleblackmale.org Hey Single Black Male, I am going to get straight to the point. I have known this guy since 2011 and we’ve […]

Why do men just disappear?

When you have spent years talking, thinking, and doing relationships … you get asked a lot of questions. A LOT!  Very soon you realize something … most people have the same problems.  Today, we re-visit one of the classics … Dear SBM, I recently discovered your website and became an instant fan, I am so […]

My Boyfriend Hates My Best Friend … Why?

Today, yet another edition of Single Black Mail.  Looking for advice, write in. Sure, we might have something cute to say … but the gold is in the comments. Hi my name is Jamie and I am in a very difficult situation. My boyfriend is incredibly jealous of my male bff. I’ve told him over […]

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