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You Can’t Always Save the Damsel

  Joy: “I met someone else.” I read and re-read the words plastered across my mobile. We weren’t in the middle of a conversation. We hadn’t even talked in weeks, yet I wasn’t surprised by this message’s arrival. These were serious words. Not only because of their meaning but because of the “rules” we had […]

In My Time of Villainy

  In all the realms of fantasy – from comic books to novels, cartoons to cinema, there are heroes and villains. Heroes are possessed of impeccable character – they save things, solve problems, get the girl and keep the girl happy. Villains on the other hand are the destroyers of worlds, they are hell-bent on […]

Bedroom Shenanigans

I like s*x. S*x makes me feel great. I probably think about it at least 30 times a day (more like 100) and each thought is usually different than the previous. There are so many positions and scenarios that run through my dirty mind that I could make a female psychic blush, giggle, and cut […]

You’re Dating My Ex?!

A couple weeks ago, a member of the great Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Tunde, wrote a blog post on a situation that one of his female friends encountered. It is important to note that he has not been pumping said friend as would be expected of us Ques. But to give an overview, his friend […]

Benefit of the Doubt

This past Friday I had quite an awkward situation occur where a series of compliments were used to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately for me, the compliments came from a man. Let me tell you a story… It was a sunny Friday morning. I had just gotten off the train. It was casual dress day […]

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