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Role Model? I Already Got a Day Job.

Yesterday morning I was at my gym with sleep in my eyes handling some administrative affairs at the front desk. I had a terrible case of the Mondays, and this “illness” was intensified by the fact that my job is like a 5-7 minute walk from my gym. The printer wasn’t working at the desk […]

Once upon a time…

The other day my patnah hit me up on IM and asked, “Do you ever think you’ll get married?” The question kind of caught Mr. FAQs off guard because my daily conversations usually begin with current events/funny/random news and from there trail on to “did you hear,” sports and women. But as my mornings are […]

America’s Online Love

*** Admin Note *** SingleBlackMale.net will be taking New Years Day off … and maybe Friday too if I’m not over from the hangover of NYE in the ATL!  Don’t miss me too much … check the blogroll … plenty of good stuff for ya. ****************** It feels so good to have internet access in […]

How The Grinch Stole P*ssy

Now let me begin by saying that I have nothing against the female anatomy. In fact, that space at the northern intersection of the thighs is my favorite part of a women’s body. I am not one of those guys who will front and be like “Man, I aint eating no broad out, F that!” […]

Sike Your Life

Age seems to be this weeks theme… Everyone has been played before, weather you realize or not or weather you choose to be in denial about it or not.  Its life, it happens, you move on. I work in the entertainment industry and before that, was a guy who generally enjoyed going out and having […]

The Coochie Crook

Come everyone … come close as I recant a tale of randomness from the days of yore.  Maybe you’ll learn something … or just laugh your ass off. I love Atlanta! I mean I was so so so close to moving there after graduation (I stayed for money … but think I should have gone […]


Its 6pm and I’m just making it onto the metro. I’m tired after a long day and am ready to go home and force myself into the gym (or sit on the couch and think about it). I sit down and open my issue of “The Economist” and read about Bill Gates leaving Microsoft. At […]

The Bold & Grimy Female … A story

This Saturday … after spending the day riding to Baltimore and back … I came back to my house and prepared myself to play video games and fall asleep (no late night booty calls this time … a day of motorcycle riding left me sore). I recall my friend DH calling me earlier. He has […]

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