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K-Mart Back-to-School Rap Commercial Accused of Being Racist, Pass or Fail?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aTpb37WY0eA K-Mart may have fumbled with this rap commercial from the Da Rich Kidzz to promote their back-to-school products, there has been a lot of mixed emotions and backlash over the catchy tune: Another controversial commercial features YouTube child stars known as “Da Rich Kidzz” (previously known as “Y.N. Rich Kids,” it seems). Their fame took […]

Moving From Friends To Lovers

Sometimes you want to make a running dash from the friend zone to the end-zone. You’ve been great pals, but you’ve began to develop feelings and want to see if anything romantic is actually there. Here’s some advice to a reader from The Frisky on how to become lovers: “I’ve been spending a lot of time […]

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