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The Pursuit of Foolishness

**** Admin Note **** A few weeks ago we brought you an unknown poster. He’s got a name now and I’m happy to bring back “Cashmere Jones” for his next contribution to the the entity that is SingleBlackMale.org.  Enjoy … -SBM ******************* I’m assuming that most folks who follow this blog, live here within the […]

SBM Answers: Am I being shallow?

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten an email that I felt needed a public response, but that time has finally come again. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, sometimes when I get an personal question I feel the need to share this person’s inquiry with the world as it may help someone else.  […]

SBM Answers: Should I tell him I’m celibate?

****** Admin Note ****** I don’t know if everyone else has noticed the “falling back” of SBM on the site, twitter, and email.  I haven’t been commenting as much and have been off the scene a lot.  Well, the true reason for it is … I’m moving to Atlanta.  By December I should be a […]

RAW: Sleeping With Who You Sleep With?

It’s my go. Tag me in like Shawn Michaels the Heartbreak Kid, i’m ready to get in on the action. We got this email, and i’ve got some advice for this young lady. (I hope she’s young.) To the readers, below is the lady’s email. And below you will find my response. Enjoy. I know […]

SBM Answers: Freaky Deaky Pictures

****** Admin Note ******* VOTE Gotdamnit! Sorry … I just grew up in a pseudo-good neighborhood so the thought of actually winning something and achieving something with my life gets me all riled up.  Please please PLEASE … help a brother out and vote SingleBlackMale.net “Best S*x and Relationship Blog” (http://vote.blackweblogawards.com/vote/Je3H79EpHyJTmauz) -SBM ************************ Got another […]

SBM Answers: When we need to be even more clear!

My post Monday (Can I be any clearer?) brought a quick response from a fellow male who is having a recurring issue of being clear just not working (some people are just don’t want to listen).  While my wisdom is deeper than the pacific, I know the collective thought of my great readers is so […]

SBM Answers: Creepin …

This letter comes in from someone who just recently discovered us here … but she has come for the infallible wisdom of myself (and the family) and here is her story … read and enjoy … the first time I read it my mouth was open for about the whole second half of it. It […]