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SBM Answers: You want to chill with who?

We have another question from a fellow member of the SBM family. The dude I’m involved with is in a field where he is going to meet a lot of women. He often works with them. He “hangs out” with them afterwork sometimes…at the places they work or just a bar. Shouldn’t I be concerned? […]

SBM Answers: No good ninja

**** Admin Note **** The site has been redesigned, but nothing crazy.  Small changes will be coming throughout the week. And before anyone asks THE OLD FORMAT IS NOT COMING BACK! It was buggy and caused a lot of behind the scene problems, but I am all about my readers … so any criticisms or […]

SBM Answers: Disposable Black Women?

Its been awhile since I responded to an email.  They haven’t been coming in as often as usual (in addition to a small backlog on my part).  Remember … got a burning question … hit me at sbm@singleblackmale.net.  While I am only one man with one opinion, the comment sections go crazy with good (and […]

What do YOU have to say?

If most of you haven’t noticed … I often take Thursdays as my day of rest … but I hate the fact it leaves this whole in the week.  This site often keeps me going through the day … so these thursday lulls (although I kinda sorta get more work done) aren’t desirable. So … I […]

Beautiful Black Hair: SBM Answers

A reader is having a spat over the style of her hair.  Here is what she told me … I’ve been dating a guy for about 4 months.  When he met me I had long mid-back length hair but during that time I was also growing out my relaxer for a year.  I’d told him about this countless times but I’m not sure […]

Black Bike Week Madness: SBM Answers

Another reader submitted email: An acquaintance of mine has a dillema, and I wanted to know what you & the readers thought of this: Her husband, went to Black Bike Week in South Carolina. Fast forward a few weeks later, and she gets a forwarded email with a link to a picture website. This website […]

“Gimme Gimme One More Chance”: SBM Answers

Sorry for that little hiatus. Besides the fact that there was just way too much going on … I also didn’t mention I was going to Puerto Rico for the past couple of days. I’m so relaxed now … so relaxed. So, a faithful reader sent me an email saying: Ok she was kicking it […]

Do I steal her man?: SBM Answers

Here is a scenario given to me by a reader. This one was a head scratcher. Ok here’s the deal. I have a friend, who’s just a friend, who’s married and his wife is cheating on him and I’ve been talking to him about his problems telling him he shouldn’t give up on his marriage, […]

“Too Freaky for Me”: SBM Answers

Here is another reader submission. What if your boyfriend has a high sex drive (he wants to do it everyday)? You thought you had a healthy sex drive ( I prefer about 3 times a week), but you can’t keep up and it’s causing problems between you and your man. What should a woman do? […]

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